16 MakeUp Hacks Every Woman Needs To Know


Makeup is not important to everyone but it is quite fun and creative once you get into it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a makeup guru, new to the makeup game, or simply passing through – there are simply some makeup hacks every woman needs to know.

You might not need them today, or even tomorrow but you will. You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist to be able to get that flawless makeup look, all you need is to learn one hack at a time – really – and in no time you’ll be able to create that look you’ve always admired. Here are some of the makeup hacks you might need:

1. Out Of Blush? Use Your Lipstick

There is practically no difference between lipstick and cream blushes – okay, maybe a little. But you can use your lipstick as blush by rubbing a dot or two of your lipstick where you’d normally apply your blush. For better results, use lipstick colors closer to your usual blush shade, like pink or red.

2. Vaseline As Highlighter


This is a great substitute if you don’t have a highlighter but want to give your skin that pop of glow.

3. Bronzer As Eyeshadow/Eyeshadow As Highlighter

Not many people know this but your bronzer makes a perfect substitute for your eyeshadow and a light application of your golden eyeshadow can substitute your bronzer and highlighter.

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4. Always Check Your Make Up Under Natural Light

Always. But if it’s in the evening or night, be sure to check it under a different lighting. This is because sometimes makeup looks different under different lighting and you might not realize that you may have missed a spot or you had not blended your makeup as well as you thought. Comparing ‘lights’ is definitely the best way to handle this.

5. Winged Perfection

To perfect your winged eyeliner, draw your ‘cat eye’ first and then fill in the space to get it right. It’s also a time saver too because you don’t make as many mistakes.

Alternatively:  you can place a tape under your eye and draw along the edge for a flawless line.

duct tape eye liner

It is an open secret that concealer can be used as your foundation. Liquid concealers are your best options as substitutes for full coverage foundation.

7. Want Wider Eyes?

Even though you don’t necessarily have big eyes, you can still get that cute wide-eyed look by simply lining your bottom eyelid with a nude liner instead of a black liner

8. Fuller Lips

fuller lips

In the spirit of making things look bigger, if you want to make your lips to appear fuller – try lining just a little outside your natural lip line and then fill it in with your lipstick or gloss.

9. How To Make Your Own Lip Gloss

Instead if throwing away your old or broken eye shadow, you can crush or smash them into powder instead and mix it with petroleum jelly. With this, you can make lip gloss with any color you like.

10. Smoky Eyes

hashtag smoky eye

A simple trick to help you get the perfect smoky eye look without too much hassle is to draw a slanted hashtag on the outer corner of eye and then blending it in with your eye makeup.

11. Test foundations On Your Neck

The best place to find the perfect skin match is on your neck so next time test your foundation on your neck and not on your hand.

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12. Fuller Lashes

You don’t need to spend money on costly lash pumping mascaras. For fuller lashes, dust a little translucent powder on your eyelashes in between application and coats. This gives it that fuller look you envy.

13. Reviving Your Mascara

To revive your dried mascara, simply add eye drops into the mascara bottle, shake and that’s it. Easy as pie.

14. Want Your Lipstick To Last Longer

lipstick hack

You don’t have to worry about your lipstick not lasting anymore by simply holding a tissue over your lips (already painted) and applying some powder over your lips. Not only will this give your lips the perfect matte look, but it will also last all day.

15. Broken Powder? No Problem

Get all the broken pieces of your powder and crush everything together before adding a few drops of alcohol after which you smoothen it out. Next, you allow it to dry and it’s basically good as new.

This also works for blush and eyeshadow too.

16. Plastic Spoons To Avoid Mascara Stains

Put a plastic spoon over the bottom of your eye or the top of your eyes as you apply mascara to prevent the mascara from staining your skin.