How To Make More Money Than You Need In South Africa


Making money in South Africa may not be a very difficult thing to do for some people who know how to do it but it can also be very difficult for some others. There are few job opportunities in the country but there is a large number of people with formal education all looking for these few available jobs. Getting a good job is one of the easier and more secured ways to make a living in the country. Other than jobs, entrepreneurship, business and investing are also ways anyone can strike it rich in South Africa. The country has a population of close to 53 Million people and these people have various needs and can’t do without goods and services so one of the easiest ways to make money as much as you need is not really as hard or as far-fetched as you think it will be. So read on and lets show you how to make it bigger than others around you.

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What are the Various Ways to Make Money in South Africa?

South African economy is largely driven by the small and medium-sized businesses. Many people own small businesses that employ at least one person per business while there are also others that employ thousands. The private sector has also employed a good number of people in the country, providing the much-needed resources for many families to survive. South Africa is full of potentials providing several ways for any hardworking person to make money in the country.

The country has many natural resources such as oil and natural minerals and investing in such industries or trading in some of those products can make one some good Rands.

Investing in the energy sector through solar panels to regions with no electricity supply is another potential venture in the region.

Becoming a travel consultant or agent also presents another good and viable opportunity for making money in South Africa. Due to the country’s tourism industry potential, those that are trained in this sector with skills and experience in the area of travel consultancy can come up with high quality products that can be sold to the tourists earning them good money. The agents can also sell airline tickets to boost their earnings.

In addition to the tourism industry, those that can speak several languages can earn working as translators and travel guides to the tourists – also a profitable and hot selling venture in South Africa.

You could also make good money here in the information communication technology (ICT) sector, just like in so many developing countries, ICT has a very large room for expansion in South Africa.

Anyone can make it big here through online marketing of people’s goods popularly known as Internet marketing. If you have a good e-commerce website in South Africa, you are potentially able to make good sums of money through sales of products and services as well as advertisements.

Blogging also counts as a way of earning as there’s more and more need for local content. Another way relating to the ICT is the article writing and marketing. This opportunity gives people the ability to work and earn from the comfort of their homes by providing content to publishing and content companies.

Becoming an affiliate in some of the big advertising websites such as the can also make you good money in commission. Offering internet and printing services is another opportunity in the ICT industry. South African ICT sectors is still growing at a rapid rate and every day, new people are joining as new internet users. Offering internet connection services to these people is a sure way to make money especially if you have large capital to start off with.

Other areas of opportunities for making it big in South Africa is in the area of Agriculture and Agro Products. Due to the continued and still growing population, selling farm produce such as milk and vegetables is a good way of earning. In addition, if one can afford to grow the food or make the farm produce by himself for example in his farm, this has even a higher earning opportunity. The transportation and logistics industry is another potential area where anyone can make money. Due to the daily increasing rural to urban migration, the large cities have seen increase in population over the past few years. This creates the opportunity in the transportation industry, car hire services can also yield good profits in some of the big cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town. If you have a higher capital to start off, starting a property business can also make good profits. The real estate business in South Africa  can be a good venture as many people are in need of housing.

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