Maimane’s Israel Trip: Malema’s Reaction Sends Shock To DA Camp


Julius Malema has used the EFF post-plenum press conference in Johannesburg to bring to light some issues which his party feels are disturbing – which to some extent pose problems not only to the core value of the country but to its constitution.

Before touching on DA Leader’s trip to Israel, Maimane made mention of the disturbing attitude of the Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane. He regretted taking part in appointing her and admitted that the party has been working towards eliminating her from the office.

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Making remarks about the controversial visit that got the whole country talking, Malema said the visit shows the DA still has an alarming remnant of apartheid flowing in its blood and bone.

Without mincing words, he said that the DA’s apartheid mentality has virtually caused them more harm than good. Left for him, people need not complain or keep shouting about the visit because raising alarms cannot change anything.

Referring to DA leader Mmusi Maimane, Malema said: “He has a right to go to Israel. And it shows them [sic] who they are. It exposes them [sic] who they are. So when people are giving you their true colours, you want to complain. That’s who they are … apartheid mentality and relations with those who subscribe to apartheid practices.”

Juju Condemns Maimane’s Israel Trip

Malema vowed that the EFF will not toe the same path with the DA, admitting that the offers to visit Israel came severally but was ditched because Israel has for years, treated Palestine badly.

He likened Israel to ‘land occupants in South Africa’, who forcefully took away land belonging to blacks.

Malema said: “We will never go to Israel”, said the EFF leader, adding that “we support the Palestinian people, and we support the fact that … there must be a permanent solution … [a] two-state solution. There must be a coexistence of the two. But with emphases on the liberation of the Palestinian people.”

“We will never go to Israel. The offer came, by the way, on many occasions [for us] to go to Israel. We said ‘we’ll never go to the country of murderers who have taken over the Palestinian land in the same way occupants have occupied our land here.”

The ANC was also held responsible for the debacle when it refused to support boycotts aimed against Israel.

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An apparently annoyed Malema said: “Zuma who’s got Israel Embassy here. The same Zuma government which has trade relations with Israel. The same Zuma government that receives services … goods … from Israel. The same Zuma who does not support the ‘boycott Israel campaign until Palestine is free’. And those are the charlatans you are celebrating?”

Last week, DA leader Maimane visit to Israel caused a stir in the country. The Maimane’s Israel trip trailed another controversial trip embarked by Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga to Taiwan.

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