Maimane Slams ANC For Taking South Africans For Granted


The Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane has spanked the ruling party again. This time, he has accused the party of protecting the president more than the people.

Speaking at a DA event in Sharpville, held in commemoration of 69 residents who were gunned down by apartheid police in 1960, Maimane said the scars left by Sharpeville and the many other brutal acts of oppression inflicted on our people over decades of Apartheid rule will never fade.

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He said “these losses, these injustices will always haunt our nation. We will never forget. And we must never forget.”

Maimane seized the opportunity to emphasize that the ANC has taken South Africans for granted.

He argued that following assertions defiantly made by the president, one is left to wonder if freedom does really exist in the state.

“When the president can stand and say the ANC is above South Africa, we must know our freedom can no longer be taken for granted,” said Maimane.

The opposition leader who addressed about 200 DA leaders in the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Sharpville, said the party is yet to decipher why the ruling party would always throw its back behind one man instead of the nation.

He slammed the ANC and opined that it is tragic that a party that had fought for human rights had since become about one person.

“A movement led by Mandela has been reduced to protect one person.”

Maimane added that “When you ask them [ANC members] why you are protecting Zuma, they say Maimane you must get out Parliament.”

He called on everyone to take note of the ANC’s decision to defend President Zuma this past weekend. Maimane said events that erupted last weekend presented a golden opportunity to part ways with South Africa’s most disastrous President since 1994. But the ANC chose to defend him and his system of corrupt cronyism.

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The opposition leader stressed that it was because of the ruling party’s political loopholes that led to the protection of Sudan’s Al-Bashir who was wanted in connection with war crimes as well as the Gupta family.

Last week, several government officials claimed that the Gupta family had offered them ministerial jobs in exchange for favours.

Maimane said the time to bring down president Zuma is now, as so many things have gone wrong under his leadership.

He asserted that “Today, under Jacob Zuma, our nation with its once-proud Human Rights track record has become almost unrecognisable.”

He lamented that the ANC has chosen to “protect a man who has caused the worst kind of suffering for hundreds of thousands of African men, women and children.”

Maimane said such legacy by Zuma has caused international communities to have a different view of what South Africa really is.

To the opposition leader, the world sees South Africa as the country that couldn’t grant the Dalai Lama a visa but welcomed the Butcher of Darfur, Omar al-Bashir, to its shores.

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