DA Leader Denies Taking Leadership Classes From Fw de Klerk


Following a Mail & Guardian publication where some anonymous DA members disclosed that the DA leader, Mmusi Maimane is receiving leadership tutorials from ex-president FW De Klerk, the opposition party leader has responded to the claims tweeting thus;

1. M&G story utter nonsense. As Leader of the Opposition, I meet former Leaders & State Presidents as a matter of course.

2. I met with former President de Klerk once back in 2014. Just like I recently met with former President Mbeki. It’s a non-story

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According to the Mail & Guardian report, four DA members confirmed that the DA leader visited the last president of the apartheid era on various occasions. While the article hinted that “insiders say the Democratic Alliance boss is taking “leadership classes” from the controversial ex-president.” It headlined a rhetoric that says “Is FW de Klerk tutoring Mmusi Maimane?”

In a phone interview, Maimane laughed when he was questioned about hanging around the ex-president saying he’s heard of ridiculous things in his life but has never heard of a more ridiculous and baseless false accusation.

“I have only met the man once, it was in 2014. I don’t even know where he stays. What can I learn from FW de Klerk? I meet with leaders, with former President Thabo Mbeki, I have met with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Part of my engagement as the leader of the opposition is to meet with various leaders,” he said.

Describing the publication as the most devastating and most misleading article in the world, The DA leader disclosed that he’s considering what action to take as the DA party cannot afford to ignore the piece.

The article to Maimane, is “the most devastating and the most misleading article in the in the world. I think we’ll certainly consider what action we must take because…we cannot allow that sort of lie, blatant lies, to stand.”

Insisting that he has only spoken to the ex-president once in his life, the DA leader stressed that the write-up is “an absolute fabrication.”

“There’s no logic to even the story…to print a whole front page and a story saying that I’m getting tutoring lessons from him…is sheer nonsense…i really think it’s offensive.”

Fw de Klerk was the seventh and last head of state of South Africa under the apartheid era.

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