Dissatisfied ANC Members Burn ‘Zuma’s Head’ And Election Posters


Angry ANC branch members in Maditlhokwa, near Marikana, Rustenburg in North West, decided to ruin the image of the ruling party after the name of their preferred Councillor candidate went missing on the ANC’s list.

The community preferred candidate, Tshelane, was kept in the dark until IEC closed registration. It was after then that he was informed that the incumbent ward Councillor remains the party’s candidate.

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Tshelane was allegedly told after the date for registration of candidates with the IEC had closed, that the current ward Councillor, Ndlovu, will still run for the post as ANC’s candidate.

Community leaders alleged that this was exactly the same attitude the party put up in 2011, when candidates rejected by ANC members won virtually in all the wards.

ANC Maditlhokwa Members Burn T-shirt

Showing off their anger after a community meeting on Friday, some aggrieved members burnt their ANC T-shirt in public along with election posters, others tore up their shirts and used the pieces of cloth to clean chairs.’s

However, BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the people’s choice, will now pit wits against other contestants after the Forum 4 Service Delivery added his name to their list.

The forum’s election co-ordinator, Simon Ntimba, disclosed that “The forum is not a political party. It’s a forum that brings together independent candidates who cannot be elected to party lists, but are preferred by the community.

These are independent candidates speaking with one voice to hurt the ANC, because the ruling party doesn’t listen to the people. We don’t have an office or office-bearers.”

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Ahead of August 3, the ANC’s boat appears to be floating towards huge rocks each day. Selection of candidates in many provinces were so messy that the party gradually lost supports and confidence it once garnered.

The ANC in Eastern Cape had a messy nomination process. In fact, provincial leaders disclosed that it will fire Councillors and hold by-elections soon after the August 3 elections because nomination processes in no less than 20 wards weren’t free and fair.

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