Mabala Noise Vs Riky Rick: Here’s Malema’s Thought On The Matter


Mabala Noise Vs Riky Rick: EFF leader, Julius Malema who was never a fan of Mabala Noise has made it known that he tried to stop Riky Rick from joining the record label.

Following the rapper’s dramatic cutting of ties from the label, Malema took to Twitter on Monday to air his views.

“I know Riky Rick and Major League personally & I had advised them against joining the corrupt Mabala Noise even at the beginning. (sic)”

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Riky Rick tweeted early on Monday that he had decided to leave Mabala Noise for his own good.

“After long prayer and conversation with God, I am no longer part of Mabala Noise Blessings to everyone there. Thank you for the love.”

Back in June of 2016, Malema pushed Mabala Noise to the spotlight after making a slew of allegations against the label. The EFF leader now claims he warned Riky Rick not to sign with the label which he says is corrupt.

After much speculations over the past two weeks on his relationship with the label which appears to have hit the rocks, rapper Riky Rick has confirmed that he has cut ties with his record label Mabala Noise.

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Nevertheless, the record label has refuted Riky’s declaration that he has terminated his contract with them. Following the bombshell the rapper dropped, Mabala Noise’s Head of Communication, Mhlo Gumede made it clear that their contract with Sidlukotini hitmaker Riky Rick has not been officially terminated.

Mabala Noise signed a deal with Riky last June and according to the label, it is still valid for the next 3 years.

So far, the rapper has not commented on this new scene of the drama – Mabala Noise Vs Riky Rick.