Video: Khanyi Mbau Confirms Mabala Noise Paid Them A Lot Of Money


Contrary to what the owner of Mabala Noise Entertainment proclaimed, Khanyi Mbau has revealed that the label really paid artists ‘a lot of money’.

Now, we are talking a lot of money here though she wasn’t specific. This fuels the rage over EFF Leader Julius Malema’s accusations against the management of Mabala Noise.

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Earlier this month, Malema accused Mabala Noise owner Reggie Nkabinde of money laundering. The accusation was made in front of a live press conference at the IEC results centre. Reggie who is also the ANC Youth League treasurer general‚ was also accused of being involved in “dodgy tender processes.”

In addition, Malema extended his accusing fingers to the Minister of Water and Sanitation Nomvula Mokonyane. In his opinion, Mokonyane is an accomplice who awards illegal tenders to Reggie through her department.

Nevertheless, Nkabinde held an urgent press briefing days after the accusations made headline and dismissed the allegations as a “complete lie.” He marveled at the idea that he has that kind of money to pay artists.

Being one of the many artists that were recently signed to the entertainment company‚ Khanyi saw the need to defend the label from amid claims that it paid artists R5 million each.

During an interview with Zkhiphani‚ she said that the record looked after them very well.

However, when asked about the R5 million claims, the singer refused to share much details.

“Look I won’t say how much it is‚ but we got a lot of money. No one in our stable is hungry‚ and when I say hungry‚ I don’t mean hand to mouth‚ we’re good. They look after us. They treat us like stars‚ they ensure we live in good neighbourhoods‚ drive nice cars‚ wear nice clothing. They believe in us,” she said.

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Still, Khanyi acknowledged that they got a “life changing amount” from the label.

“The R5 million is a wrong figure‚ but I won’t say how much‚ but it’s an amount that changes lives‚ yes‚” she said.

Meanwhile‚ the EFF has finally opened a case of racketeering and fraud against Mabala Noise owner.

The case will see all all 24 of his companies investigated for the allegations leveled against him.