See Ayanda Ncwane’s House and Cars She Inherited From Her Late Husband

Ayanda Ncwane’s house is located in the north of Johannesburg, within the suburbs of Deinfern, Sandton, and she also has a number of luxury cars that include Ferrari and Range Rover Sport.

Ayanda Ncwane’s husband, Sifso Ncwane, was a notable South African gospel singer, and while he was alive, he and his wife, Ayanda Ncwane, lived a very luxurious and flashy life. Obviously, the gospel artist was making good money from his career, so much that even after his death, his wife and children have not lived anything below a comfortable financial life. Ayanda Ncwane has continued the good life; looking at her without knowing her story, you can never tell she has lost anything in life.

Aside from the properties she inherited at her husband’s death, Ayanda has also improved on herself and her career. That way, she has maintained the kind of comfortable lifestyle she enjoyed while her husband was alive.

Ayanda Ncwane’s House Is Where She Lived With Her Late Husband

Judging from the interview Ayanda Ncwane had with Drums in 2019, she still lives in the palatial mansion she and her husband purchased while he was alive. The house is located at Dainfern, north of Johannesburg. The house is a double-story building with her late husband’s pictures still hanging on the wall. The building’s exact worth is not known, but you can tell that it costs a fortune.

All the awards of the late Sifso Ncwane are beautifully showcased in a glass cabinet in the lounge of her beautiful apartment. From the beautiful pictures on Ayanda’s Instagram account, you can tell that her house has nice furniture and interior decor.

On 7th March 2021, she hosted an expensive house birthday party for her son, Mawenza Nquane, who was turning 13 years and from the party pictures, you can tell that the house also had a swimming pool. Aside from living in a beautiful two-story building, Ayanda Ncwane also drives expensive cars. She owns a white Range Rover Sports and a red Ferrari.

She Also Got Some Flashy Cars in Her Garage

In addition to the beautiful mansion Ayanda Ncwane and her late husband shared, she also has some of the best cars in her garage, some of which she inherited from her late husband. From Ferrari to Range Rover Sport, she has them all to ensure she is living her best life, despite losing her husband. Let’s take a look at some of them and their specs below:

Ferrari – R1.3 million (est. price)

  • 275lb ft @ 4750rpm torque
  • Six-speed manual gearbox (F1 optional), rear-wheel drive transmission
  • V8, naturally-aspirated, 3586cc engine
  • Red color

Range Rover Sport –  $69,500 (est. price)

  • 3.0 litre 6- cylinders 250PS turbocharged engine
  • 355 horsepower
  • Five sitting
  • White color

If the expensive cars and mansion are not enough to convince someone that Ayanda is living a luxurious life, her outfits should be just enough to do that. Ayanda Ncwane is always looking stunning and flashy in all her outfits, and you can easily tell that her outfits do not come cheap. For every dress she put on, she always has expensive bags and shoes to match.

While Alive, Sifso Ncwane Was The Breadwinner Of His Family

Sifso Ncwane was the breadwinner of the Ncwane’s family, not just his matrimonial family but also his family by birth. This was one of Ayanda Ncwane’s problems because his family saw her as a gold digger who just wanted to spend their son’s money. While he was alive, the gospel artist ensured his family was comfortable. Although his net worth before his death is not known, Sifso can be said to be wealthy.

He even made news for buying an AMG Mercedes-Benz GL 63 V8 worth R1.9 million for his pastor, Reverend Francis Anosike, in 2015. The fact that he could gift someone a car worth that much shows how deep his pocket was. His generosity made him the talk of the town for a while.

Ayanda Ncwane Earns Money From Multiple Sources To Maintain Her Lifestyle

Even before Sifso’s death, his wife, Ayanda Ncwane, was always a hard worker. This is contrary to what many fans think because she publicly spoke about been worried about how she would take care of her after her husband’s demise. Many erroneously thought she was broke, but contrary to that, Ayanda and her sons have maintained their luxurious lifestyle.

Before her husband’s death, Ayanda Ncwane worked as the Chief Executive Officer of  Ncwane Communications – Sifso Ncwane’s music company. She stepped up in her husband’s absence and took the company to greater heights. Under her management, the company broke the sales record. In 2014/2015, Ncwane Communications was the best-selling in both gospel and secular genre in South Africa and beyond.

Her outstanding role as the CEO of Ncwane Communications has earned her four awards at the South African Music Awards. These achievements earned her President of South Africa Gospel Awards’ position, which she got by appointment in 2020. She also won an international award in London for International Outstanding Music Promoter and Brand Manager.

Ayanda Ncwane may have inherited her husband’s wealth and properties, but she might have been bankrupt at this point if she wasn’t working hard. Her outstanding management and entrepreneurship skills have seen her maintain a good life for herself and her sons, and now, she has become the breadwinner of her family. Late Sifso Ncwane would be very proud of his wife, knowing that she can stay strong for herself and their children even after his death.

Besides working as CEO of her husbands’ company, Ayanda Ncwane has also proven to be resourceful by her standards. She joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD), which debuted on Showmax on 29 January 2021. She is also an author and has published a book in honor of her late husband, Sfiso Ncwane. The book titled For The Love of Sfiso Ncwane was written to tell people the kind of legacy her late husband had. According to her, she would have released an album to honor him, but since she can’t sing, she decided to write a book. The book was published in October 2018.

Ayanda Ncwane Was Taken to Court By Her Step-Children Over Sifso Ncwane’s Properties

Before Sifso Ncwane died, he had many children outside wedlock. After his death, they sued Ayanda, demanding their share of her late husband’s estate. However, according to Sifso’s will, his entire estate was to go to his wife Ayanda and nothing for his other children whom he had with other women. That will, which was claimed to have been written in October, about two months before his death, had Ayanda Ncwane as a witness.

Being a witness to her late husband’s will should outrightly disqualify her from being a beneficiary of his estate according to the law, and many people believed that Sifso actually had no will, and his wife forged the will to make herself the only beneficiary.

The outcome of the court case is not known, but from the look of things, Ayanda Ncwane inherited a good part of her late husband’s estate, if not everything. Aside from the house, which she referred to during her interview with Drum, she also inherited the company – Ncwane Communications.

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