Luthuli Dlamini Recounts Roles He Lost Because Of His Accent


Popularly known for his unique accent, veteran actor Luthuli Dlamini has revealed that he has been denied many acting opportunities because of his accent.

During a recent interview with TMG Entertainment, Luthuli said the road through the industry has not been rosy for him. In fact, his accent has caused him to lose opportunities for certain roles over the last few years, he revealed.

“Especially in the last five years or so when they (film producers) are looking for an authentic Zulu accent and a delivery that is authentically Zulu,” Luthuli said.

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However, the actor strongly believes that armed with the necessary materials, he should be able to pull off those roles. Thus, he feels bad that he lost all those opportunities to prove he can perform well in vernacular roles.

“It has affected me because I feel like, given the script and if the dialogue is given to me in Zulu, I can learn it like any other language. There are a number of Zulu roles, or vernacular roles, that I would have loved to play but weren’t given because of my accent.”

Born in Zimbabwe and raised in England, Luthuli later moved back to settle in South Africa. Meanwhile, he acquired his unique accent from his early years growing up in England. Much of his schooling was done in England where he later worked several jobs to support his family.

Nevertheless, the actor who believes there’s no place like home, left the western civilization to enjoy the beautiful African terrain.

“It’s home. It was the quality of life that I wanted. You just don’t have the space in the UK, you don’t have the variety and terrain, and here you have all the beauty of Africa around you.”

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Meanwhile, the actor’s love for acting has always been stronger than any other thing in his life. Thus, he plans to take it to the next level by producing and telling his own stories.

Inspired by South African history and heritage, Luthuli Dlamini said that there are still a lot of stories to be told.