Madonsela Readies Battle For Parties Luring Voters With Food


South Africa’s Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela has warned against the usual practice of luring voters by sharing food parcels during political rallies hinting that her office will take serious actions against such happenings.

Madonsela at Unisa’s 2016 Youth Research Conference today, said the nation can no longer ignore the wrong practice of luring voters with food. Speaking, she said: “I have a big concern about food parcels. They are not supposed to be given at a political rally because only people of a particular political persuasion will come.

If food parcels have to be given to alleviate poverty, they have to be given in an apolitical way. And (not) linked to any day of elections.”

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Madonsela’s spokesperson, Oupa Segalwe related that the development is stirred by three complaints the Public Protector office received in that regard.

According to Segalwe, “the DA complaint relates to the by-election in Tlokwe…The party alleges that food parcels were used in the ANC campaign ahead of the by-election.”

He further disclosed that “Agang SA’s complaint relates to allegations that food parcels were used in the ANC campaign in the Western Cape and that the Gauteng provincial government used ANC-related colors on its billboard.”

Meanwhile, Madonsela stated that the essence of her office is to partner with South Africans. In order to ensure that the government appropriately deliver the Constitutional promises.

“It all boils down to a proper use of state power and state resources. The resources that are in the hands of government belongs to the people. They don’t belong to government. They don’t belong to any party that is in government at any time.”

With that, she affirmed that “they have to be used in accordance with the law and in accordance with the Constitution.” She also uphold that its wrong to insinuate “that if you don’t vote a particular party, you will not get your basic services.”

News24 reported that she said: “there should be no prioritization in who gets RDP housing. Or who gets their informal settlement given water and electricity based on voting. You are entitled to these rights because you are a human being.

Whether you vote for a party or you don’t vote for a party, you have a right to hold it accountable. You have a right to make sure there is fairness in the distribution of resources, whatever those resources are.”

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