Lundi’s Memorial: Hlaudi Crashes The Gathering To Blow His Own Trumpet


Though everybody was invited, former SABC chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng appeared unexpectedly at gospel star Lundi’s memorial service on Tuesday and stole the show.

During the memorial of gospel singer Lundi Tyamara in Johannesburg‚ the embattled former SABC boss surprised everyone when he walked into the Grace Bible Church in Soweto and made himself comfortable. He sat in the front row and though he kind of gate-crashed the gathering, his presence was acknowledged during the service.

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Subsequently, program director Penny Lebyane announced a change in the initial program and that Motsoeneng would soon address mourners at Lundi’s memorial.

However, it didn’t take long before Motsoeneng’s address deviated from mourning the deceased to singing his own praises. He declared himself a prophet sent to lead the nation‚ whether South Africans like it or not.

“With me‚ what you see is what you get” Motsoeneng declared amidst talking about Lundi. He then ventured into the 90% music quotas, asserting that the country loves him. “Let me tell you today‚ South Africa loves Hlaudi‚ no matter what!” he told mourners.

Watch his speech at Lundi’s memorial here;

Hijacking funeral services is becoming regular with Motsoeneng. Back in September last year, the embattled former SABC COO was watched live on TV as he hijacked the stage at the music legend’s funeral service.

While the nation and the world watched, Motsoeneng mounted the stage during the service to hit back at his critics. As someone who has made an impact in the entertainment industry, Motsoeneng was given a chance to pay tribute to the fallen Kwaito star during a funeral service held at Grace Bible Church in Soweto.

However, instead of paying tribute to the dead, he started speaking as if it was an SABC press conference.

At first, Motsoeneng was telling mourners about his last visit to Mandoza. But then, he went off track and started blowing his own trumpet.

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“Who is the problem in South Africa? The problem is black people. If you ask black people, they complain about transformation but they are in charge of transformation. How can you complain about yourselves?” he said.

Even after the programme director interrupted his speech, Motsoeneng asked for more time. He continued his rant that touched a lot of things including his issues with the broadcaster; and the 90% local content introduced by him. He even reminded people to always pay their TV licence.

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