Lundi’s Management Breaks Silence On The Star’s Health Issues


Lundi’s management and family have decided to break their silence to set the record straight about the health of gospel star Lundi Tyamara.

This follows rumours that the gospel sensation had died. The rumours dominated social media network on Friday and have topped the trends list.

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Thus, for the first time, the Tyamara family deemed it fit to speak out about his health. The family particularly condemned a leaked picture of the ailing gospel star. The picture which shows a very frail looking Lundi lying on a hospital bed, caused quite a stir on social media.


Nevertheless, a statement released by Lundi’s recording and management company, M&E Media, confirmed that Tyamara is alive and recovering at home following a health scare.

A part of the statement read;

We would also like to condemn the circulation of of an image of Lundi in hospital that has been doing the rounds on social media. We ask for respect and prayers for Lundi who has given so much of himself with his God-given talent of music.”

Furthermore, the statement explained that the star was diagnosed with stomach tuberculosis and liver complications on December 27. He also needed a blood transfusion.

So, the award-winning star basically spent the holidays fighting for his life.

The star’s health scare started in November after a trip to China. At first, he didn’t seek medical help, thinking it was the climate change that got him.

“Lundi got sick after a trip to China in November. He didn’t receive any medical attention because we believed that it was the Asian climate and diet that may have affected him negatively.”

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“He was discharged a few days later. He spent his 38th birthday in hospital.

“When he didn’t improve, he went back to hospital on December 27. He was in a bad shape. He has since become stable and shows encouraging signs of improvement as he gains more strength,” the family explained.

The family further asked for respect and prayers at this moment instead of the unfounded rumours in circulation.

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