Big-Hearted Businessman Donates 700 Footwears To Pupils In Eastern Cape


What more could be so beautiful than to put smiles on the faces of the needy, especially people in rural villages, who have little or no access to basic services?

Of a truth, putting smiles on the faces of the needy is the best thing the ‘Haves’ can do for the ‘Have Nots’. At this point I choose to reckon with the saying that ‘success is never complete until people’s lives are impacted positively’.

Seven hundred children in Ntabankulu will no longer walk to school barefooted , all thanks to Lufuno Mphaphuli, a business mogul, who came to the aid of the school children.

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The Limpopo-based businessman recalled he was moved to donate the footwears after he met a pupil walking barefoot in the community.

He recalled that he was in Ntabankulu for a meeting in May, he unfortunately missed his way in the labyrinth of the community. It was at this point that he found himself at Mhlonyaneni Primary School.

Mphaphuli stated that after asking for directions at the primary school, he noticed that a child was moving about with no shoes, reminding him of his schools days, when he used to walk 7km to school barefoot.

“I was moved. I knew I had to do something. I approached the principal, Nontsikelelo Mona, and asked her to give me the number of needy pupils in the area, including nearby schools.

Nontsikelelo told me about the conditions these children live in, and today I am proud to have put a smile on so many faces. I wish other businessman would do the same,” he said.

On Friday, 24 June 2016, kindhearted Mphaphuli paid a ceremonious visit to three schools-  Mhlonyaneni Higher Primary School, Ngcabhela Junior Secondary School and Nqalo Primary School, all in Ntabankulu, Eastern Cape and fulfilled his promise.

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Expressing happiness at the kind gesture, a principal in one of the schools, Nontsikelelo Mona said: “We did not believe him when he made the offer, but he insisted. He has fulfilled his promise and we are very happy and grateful to him. Our pupils come from poor families, where parents rely on social grants or wages from piece jobs.”

The schools are situated in villages where there is high rate of unemployment and no access to basic services. More so, some of the children disclosed that they walk long distances to get to school.

Most children in rural areas often walk to school barefooted because their parents cannot afford a pair of shoes and other necessary materials for learning.

In most cases, school children in these communities lack basic services like electricity for studies, ironing and so on, accessible roads, drinkable water, hospitals for health challenges and lots more.