Love Tips: Reality TV Star Papa Penny Shares The Secrets To An Undying Love


Most times you can’t just help but love Mzansi’s reality TV star Papa Penny Penny.

Ever since Penny Penny’s reality TV show Papa Penny Ahee was released on air, Mzansi has been abuzz every week. In fact, last night was the peak as the musician treated viewers to some interesting tips on how to treat a woman right.

During last night’s episode, the musician had viewers rolling with laughter, as he treated his wife to a romantic dinner.

Twitter was sent into a frenzy as the musician entertained fans from sharing tips on how to treat a woman to spoiling his wife with a traditional meal.

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Last night’s episode on Papa Penny Ahee was very educative, especially for the men. This is because Papa Penny shared some romance tips that are sure to get you winning with your lady.

Here are some of the hottest love tips from reality TV star Papa Penny Penny;

Penny Penny gave viewers a few pointers on how to spoil their partner and keep the fire burning in the relationship. Thus, his first lesson is – “You have to keep them happy.” This, according to Penny Penny, should be every man’s goal in a relationship.

reality TV star Papa Penny

Again, the musician added that when you surprise her and make her happy, you add more life and love.

reality TV star Papa Penny

Besides, men need to handle their women with utmost care. “Women need to be treated like eggs. If you drop an egg, it’s broken.”

reality TV star Papa Penny

And when you feel the flame is burning low, Penny Penny says it’s not the end. If it happens, “do something for her,” he says.

“Having a wife at home is not just about love anymore, it’s about family. When you bring a woman into your home, she becomes your everything.”

reality TV star Papa Penny

Meanwhile, using himself as an example, Penny Penny decided to spoil his wife. He cooked pap, garlic chicken, spaghetti and mince meat for her. He gave her a taste of “papa spice” in his chicken and her favourite chocolate.

This really surprised her.

Another big Surprise was that there were no flowers amidst all these. According to Mzansi’z favourite reality TV star Papa Penny Penny, he didn’t give her flowers because he was “the original flower”.

reality TV star Papa Penny

Now that’s something to take note of.