Exposed! ANC Offered Fransman’s Victim Full Bursary To Get Her Lips Sealed


Another shocking revelation on the sexual assault case against ANC Western Cape leader Marius Fransman has emerged. This time, the young Stellenbosch woman’s spokesperson, Gavin Prins revealed that the victim, Louisa Wynand was offered a full bursary by the ruling party, in a bid to get her lips sealed.

Wynand the young woman, who laid sexual assault charges against Western Cape ANC leader Marius Fransman‚ was allegedly offered a full bursary by the party.

“Louisa received the bursary offer from the ANC‚ just after the ANC’s integrity commission meeting‚” her spokesperson‚ Gavin Prins‚ told a local daily on Friday.

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Louisa laid a complaint against Fransman with police at Sun City alleging that the politician forced her to share a bed with him and fondled her during their trip from Cape Town to Rustenburg.

After months of unraveling the truth, police announced that the charges against Fransman had been dropped “due to a lack of evidence”.

But on June 6, police in Kimberley reopened a case of sexual assault against Fransman after the NPA received a series of WhatsApp messages sent to the 20-year-old Louisa Wynand days before she was due to travel with the ANC leader from Daily Maverick.

The series of Whatsapp messages was in turn sent to the Northern Cape Deputy Director of Public Prosecution by the NPA. In one of the messages published by the Daily Maverick, Fransman told Louis: it was “hot that side” and suggested that she wear “informal gear and sensual”.

He also wrote: “Forgot to ask. Pl don’t tell your bf you working for me. Don’t need jealous guys around.” In another message, Fransman reportedly asks Louis to send him a “selfie”.

Meanwhile, Fransman’s lawyer claimed on Tuesday night that the politician remains innocent‚ and said if a prosecution was to take place, it should be “sooner rather than later” in everyone’s interests.

The ANC, on the other hand, won’t divulge details about the party’s internal investigation into the allegations. Party spokesman Khusela Sangoni said the party would comment at the end of the investigation.

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“Insofar as the messages are concerned‚ the ANC respects the criminal justice system and the law enforcement agencies.

We have noted the reinstatement of the charges … we wouldn’t want to pass judgment on issues that have not yet been tested in a court of law‚” said Sangon.

The victim, who revealed her identity last month has now decided to stop speaking to the media out of respect for the investigation.

Reports had it that Louisa Wynand matriculated from Stellenbosch High School in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree pass‚ a distinction in English (First Additional) but was forced to stop her studies in language and culture at Stellenbosch University for financial reasons.