What Fransman’s Accuser Has To Say After NPA Dropped Sexual Harassment Charges Against Him


Prior his suspension, Fransman Marius was the chairman of the African National Congress in the Western Cape.

However, his troubles began in the month of January after a 21-year-old Louisa Wynand laid a sexual harassment complaint against him.

After laying the complaint, Fransman’s accuser went into hiding. According to her statement, she was employed by Fransman and attended the ANC’s 104th birthday celebrations when she was allegedly sexually assaulted by the politician.

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The politician was part of a Western Cape delegation that attended the party’s January 2016 celebrations when the incident took place at a guesthouse near Sun City in the North West Province.

So following the incident, Fransman was asked to step aside while appropriate authorities launched into investigation to uncover the truth.

Having spent months trying to unravel the truth, the North West Police informed Louisa Wynand from Stellenbosch that they would not proceed with the charges against Fransman.

According to Wynand, she received a Whatsapp message last Thursday evening informing her that the DPP (director of public prosecution) indicated they would not proceed with the prosecution because of a lack of evidence.

Louisa Wynand Feels Disappointed

Expressing dismay and disappointment with the latest development, Louisa Wynand said, “I am shocked and disappointed at the outcome of the investigation. My life has changed so much because of this incident and has affected not only me but my family and close friends.

I‚ together with my legal team am confident that I gave the police enough evidence relating to the charges I brought against Marius Fransman. I am confused as to why they say there is not enough evidence.

She vowed not to let go and asserted that she would be discussing her options with her legal team. “And I will exercise my rights, i plan to take a few steps this week of which I will inform the public.”

“I have also decided to go public with my identity so that young women and children who find themselves in the same boat like I did‚ can see that it can happen to anyone.

Our rights need to be protected. I am blessed to have incredible men around me but there are monsters out there who is breaking down our women and children. I believe that this is my journey and if this is the Universe using me to reach out to other victims of sexual assault‚ then so it shall be,” she added.

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Louisa Wynand said the police could at least have sent her a letter to confirm their plans to drop the charges rather they chose to use Whatsapp as a platform to send the message.

This act, she said does not depict professionalism considering the magnitude of the case and the seriousness of the charges.

However, we will recall that Fransman had severally denied assaulting Wynand sexually even after his suspension from the ANC caucus.