Complete Guide To Understanding And Playing LottoStar

Lottostar is an online fixed-odds betting service that has enriched lots of South African citizens and settled their financial needs amid the country’s tight financial climate.

Being the first of its kind in South Africa, the lottery service has been licensed and approved by the Mpumalanga Gambling and Racing Board; an online fixed-odds betting service. No wonder majority of South Africans describe it as an answered prayer for bigger jackpot games.

Via this lottery service, a number of South Africans are left excited having won the guaranteed jackpot prizes of nine digits which is about R160,000,000.

What makes this even more appealing, is that for as little as R3.50 for a single entry, one can confidently play for the jackpot prize of one’s choice. With a total of six games being available for unlimited entry to registered players, the player is actually left quite spoilt for choice. It’s a 50/50 split; there are three mega-jackpot games, and three instant-jackpot games – so let’s take a quick look at both playing options

The three big-ticket jackpot games on are as follows:

  • The EuroMillions,
  • Spanish Daily,
  • SuperEnaLotto games

EuroMillions Game: This is the least of the three where one is able to play for R25,000,000 all the way up to R75,000,000; with the draws taking place every Tuesday and Thursday.

Spanish Daily Game: This one is unique to Lotto Star as registered players are allowed to take advantage of the game’s R30,000,000 to R90,000,000 jackpot prize. The draws for this game happen daily – from Monday till Saturday.

SuperEnaLotto game: This is the highest of it all as registered players are allowed to go home with a massive nine-digit jackpot prize via this game.

The instant-jackpot games are, however, another medium where players can take home some prizes. Under this game are smaller jackpot prizes. This is because these games are drawn every 5 minutes. Literally, within the next 5 minutes, you could become up to R3,000,000 richer!

Recently, LottoStar teamed up with popular South African radio jock and comedian, Darren Whackhead Simpson, to launch an incredible promotion called the massive iPhone 6 giveaway promotion through which a total of 90 devices are being awarded to players.

The promotion is well underway, with disbelieving winners still not convinced that they’ve actually won right up until the moment they rip the packaging off their prizes.

Overall, is quite impressive; and a website well worth a check out at the very least. Who knows – perhaps you might become South Africa’s newest multimillionaire!

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 How to Play The LottoStar Game

  1. Register your Lottostar account: Follow the registration link in the top-right corner of your screen and enter your details. Click the Submit button so you would be automatically logged in.
  2.  Select the lottery game you would want to play: Navigate to the PLAY NOW button in the top navigation menu and select the lottery game of your choice. You will have to choose between four mega international and three instant payout games.

Start Playing: To Begin your game, follow these steps

  1. Use the QP (Quick Pick) selector on the right to randomly generate your lucky numbers for you. Below your bets, choose the dates you would like to participate, or the starting date and duration if you are betting on recurring lottery draws.
  2. Boost your bets to increase the size of your payout. Simply drag the slider to the boost option of your choice.
  3. Use the Quick Pick All and Max All buttons at the top right of the play block to automate your entire selection and boost levels.
  4. Once you are convinced about your bet, hit the confirm button below the bet slip, this is on the right and select continue to proceed to the checkout page.

You can review, add, and edit your game as well as view their details. Before continuing to payment, you have the option of paying in full, or in part, with the available funds in your account. You may also use a voucher if available.

When you are ready to make payment, click the complete purchase button below the final price.

After confirming your bet order, you will be able to pay using one of the provided services that Lottostar offers. Be sure you view the Payment Options page for more information on these payment methods. Once payment has been processed, you will receive an email with your selected lottery numbers and dates of the draws.

The outcomes for each lottery draw that you have bet on will be emailed to you once complete. This email will describe in detail the winning numbers for the particular event as well as prize amounts.

 LottoStar Betting Rules

  1. LottoStar will cancel and void any and all bets and return all money deposited to an account that LottoStar or the authorities deem to have been registered by or on behalf of an individual under the age of 18.
  2. LottoStar exclusively reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to limit, reject and/or cancel any bets accepted and confirmed by LottoStar that is deemed to have been fraudulent; accidentally or erroneously placed.
  3. LottoStar exclusively reserves the right, to limit, reject and or cancel any bets accepted and confirmed by LottoStar where LottoStar has either negligently, erroneously or otherwise offered or set incorrect prices, teams or event start times including but not limited to incorrect prices, teams or event start times.
  4. Bets are only valid when accepted in accordance with all of LottoStar’s rules, policies and terms and conditions.
  5. LottoStar reserves the right to change or amend its rules, policies, terms and conditions at LottoStar’s own discretion and without notice to Players.
  6. If LottoStar suspects that match-fixing has occurred, LottoStar reserves the right to withhold all funds on affected accounts and supply all account information to the relevant authorities and/or refund the relevant bets.
  7. LottoStar reserves the right, and at its sole discretion, to choose the bet offering made available, including but not limited to: the events, markets, all betting options, odds, and the acceptance or refusal of any bets. LottoStar may make available or terminate betting offerings on any sports, events, markets and betting options at their sole discretion and reserves the right to make any changes without notice to the Player.
  8. Players may not bet by any means not authorised by LottoStar, including but not limited to, robots and website or software manipulation. LottoStar reserves the right to cancel any bets deemed to have been placed by unauthorised means.
  9. All bets and markets are subject to minimum and maximum stakes. The website will automatically adjust the stake on any bet that exceeds the maximum, prior to the Player submitting the bet. It is the Player’s responsibility to ensure that they are aware of any stake limit applied. All maximum stakes apply per Player, per bet and per day. The Player warrants that they will not attempt to deliberately exceed the stake limits and any bets placed in an attempt to avoid the application of these limits, including bets placed on accounts held by other Players and multiple bets placed on a single account in order to exceed the stake limit, will be voided at LottoStar’s discretion.
  10. All entries placed for an event that has already past will either receive a full refund or placed into a future event.
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A Player cannot claim any Winnings or payout from any games and may at its discretion decide about the validity of a Bet or a Player’s entitlement to Winnings or void a Bet if:

  • Bets were placed after the relevant deadline or after the start of the relevant draw;
  • Bets were placed after the relevant deadline or after the start of the relevant draw;
  •  Bets were erroneously accepted after the relevant deadline or if the relevant drawing had already begun or taken place;
  •  Any games become aware of an error in relation to that Bet or draw and is not able to contact the player to correct the error or confirm the bet before the deadline;
  • The Bet was placed on behalf of a Player who has provided false information in connection with their Player Account or otherwise in connection with the Website or the services available through it;
  • The Bet was placed on behalf of a Player who has been involved in any fraud-related activities in relation to the placing of the bet, the operation of the Player Account or otherwise in connection with the Website or the services available through it;
  • The Bet was placed on behalf of a Player who was less than 18 years old or was a director, officer, or employee (or their spouse or dependent) of Any games or of one of the LottoStar Group companies;
  • The player maintains more than one Player Account;
  • Tn conjunction with any draw, fraud, technical and/or human error or unwarranted influence was found; or
  • The draw is declared by an organiser or co-organizer as being invalid.

It is, however important to note that all payouts advertised in foreign currency amounts are converted into Rand using A player is eligible to win the Rand equivalent amount at the time of placing the bet, this amount is indicated on the bet slip and bet confirmation email.

Click HERE to read and understand other Lottostar terms and conditions

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