Shots Fired: Rapper Reason Defends LootLove From Tweeps Calling Her His Side Chick


After confirming that they are in a relationship, Rapper Reason has finally set the record straight on his relationship with presenter Luthando Sosha popularly known as LootLove.

Following about a year of being in a relationship, rapper Reason finally confirmed that he is dating presenter. The confirmation which came in form of a picture is the first after so much rumours that they are dating.

The couple have always been in denial of their romance and always maintained that they are just friends. That has been the story until recently when LootLove posted a picture of Reason giving her a peck on the cheek.


This sparked a lot of controversy with some of the people taking to the comment section to accuse her of being the reason for Reason’s divorce. She has been called many things in the past including a side chick who was responsible for wrecking the rapper’s home.

Notwithstanding, LootLove did not play victim and made it clear that she doesn’t like it when people poke their noses into her relationship. She emphasized that who she dates is her business. Therefore, people from outside should just keep their opinions to themselves.

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Meanwhile, a very pissed rapper Reason has come out up in arms against people accusing his girlfriend of being a home wrecker.

Sizwe Moeketsi, popularly known as Reason couldn’t take it anymore and decided to break his silence on his divorce and relationship with LootLove.

Thus, in a series of tweets on Sunday, the We Don’t Care hit maker said he felt the need to defend his girlfriend from people who talked “trash” about her with no facts.

“First of all… LootLove has never been my side chick!!! Never!!!”

Reason had been married for seven years before he and his wife who is also the mother of his children got a divorce. Prior to this, Reason said that the presenter was just someone he had always known and respected in the industry, and that they only started dating a year and a half after his divorce.

In other words, LootLove didn’t break his home, it was already broken.

“No one took anyone from anyone. Let it go.

“Me and LootLove are finding our way and minding our own. Maybe you should go back to your perfect life and do the same,” he said.