Malema Marching With Zille To Carry Out London Agenda – BLF


Today, if you sight Julius Malema marching side by side with Helen Zille or her poodle, Mmusi Maimane, you must know they are carrying out the London agenda, says BLF.

The Black First Land First (BLF) movement warned South Africans against the alliance of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) saying it’s a coalition against radical economic transformation.

“The so-called ‘Zuma Must Fall’ campaign was planned and funded by British imperialism under the direction of Lord Robin Renwick who is tasked by the British Crown to remove President Zuma from office via a combination of mass action and the capturing of parliament as well as the judiciary.

“The white-owned media’s role is to pump up the propaganda that the real enemy of progress is not the land thieves and white monopoly capital, but rather President Zuma and the Guptas,” claimed the movement.

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According to the movement, the intent of the said London Agenda is to remove President Zuma and replace him with Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa’s Deputy President.

Ramaphosa, BLF said, “has shown his commitment to the British Crown and white monopoly capital by ordering the killing of workers in Marikana.

“It must be remembered that Ramaphosa killed workers in Marikana for a British firm called Lonmin which has not asked for forgiveness nor paid reparations,” BLF pointed out.

Thereafter, BLF upheld that the so-called court application for a ‘secret ballot’ is another ploy to create a conducive atmosphere for the British sponsored coup.

“It’s a known fact that the Speaker of Parliament has the discretion to order a secret ballot. The court order sought serves merely as propaganda for the coup.

“The EFF, DA and United Democratic Movement (UDM) do not believe in the secret ballot. To this end provision is made in each of their respective constitutions that should any of their Members of Parliament vote against the party position, that member shall be expelled from that party – but these parties want a secret ballot for the African National Congress (ANC).

“The white owned media has not asked, ‘why do you want something for the ANC which you don’t want for your own party?” stated BLF.

With that, the movement asserted that Johann Rupert and London bought some ANC members of Parliament to vote with the opposition parties.”…These bought ANC Members of Parliament can only carry out the wishes of London in secret,” BLF added.

“…These bought ANC Members of Parliament can only carry out the wishes of London in secret.,” BLF added.

“Today’s court application is nothing but part of the psychological warfare so as to create an atmosphere to push the coup propaganda in order to give the bought ANC Members of Parliament a chance to fulfil the common mandate of London, which both the DA and EFF supports,” BLF added.

The London agenda wants to remove Mr Zuma as South Africa’s President because he wants to carry out Land Expropriation Without Compensation in order to ensure radical economic transformation.

“The removal of Pravin Gordhan has scared London and white monopoly capital. They want Zuma gone as of yesterday and will spare no effort in the planning and execution of the coup.

“Now they are using the court system to legitimise the London coup. The court application was not necessary. The Speaker of Parliament has the power to order a secret ballot…,” BLF reiterated.

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Having said that, BLF proclaimed that a “secret ballot is a mechanism of corruption in a parliamentary system governed by proportional representation.

“The electorate wants to know how its representatives voted and why. Forcing parliament to use the method of a secret ballot would serve to facilitate the capture of the Legislature by Johann Rupert and Lord Robin Renwick,” contended the movement.

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