Shocking! Local Rapper Rouge Shares Before And After Picture Of Her Pimple Ordeal


“Avoid pimple popping in the facial especially forehead region.” That was the advice local rapper Rouge gave her fans on Instagram following her hospitalisation last week.

Rouge landed in the emergency room following a serous skin infection caused by popping a pimple on the face without properly cleaning it.

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Subsequently, the Mbongo Zaka hitmaker took to Instagram to share the information;

“Popping a pimple and not cleaning it properly landed me straight in the emergency room.”

Apparently, her case was so bad that doctors had to admit her for an emergency drainage to avoid further damage. Even more disturbing is the fact that she had to endure the procedure without any anesthesia. That must have hurt like hell…

“I had to have an emergency drainage to avoid meningitis. Without anaesthesia. So you can imagine the excruciating pain I was in.”

However, we only got a picture of her hand at the time as the rapper couldn’t bring herself to share her present facial appearance. She had her reasons though;

“I would post a picture of my face but it’s quite unrecognisable right now. But just so you get an idea, both my eyes are swollen to the point I can barely see what I’m typing. Please be aware, avoid pimple popping in the facial especially forehead region,” local rapper Rouge added to the lengthy post.

Notwithstanding, after a week, the rapper decided to show us how bad it was for her. She shared a before and after picture on Instagram showing just how serious the infections was.

Here’s the rapper’s face before and after the pimple ordeal;

And since she might delete it the post later, we got a screenshot too; just in case.

Local Rapper Rouge

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“The before picture was after I had the emergency surgery last week.. Everything was swollen, my nose even and the after pic is me from yesterday,” she wrote on Instagram.

Whoever thought that popping a pimple could be this disastrous?