Opposition Parties Celebrate Local Government Elections Date As ANC’s Demise


“We urge all those who are eligible to vote to register, and those who have not checked their names to do so on Saturday and Sunday this weekend so that together we continue to re-affirm and deepen our democracy.” Those were the words of our President as he announced that the local government elections date is on 3rd August 2016.

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While the Electoral Commission has welcomed the announcement, stating that the date falls within the Constitutionally-mandated window to host municipal elections between 18 May and 16 August this year, opposition parties did same as well, but called on South Africa to remember that the date is the prime opportunity to kick-start the agenda of ousting the ANC.

The EFF stated that they are ready to contest these elections, called on South Africans to vote for the EFF as they indicated that the local government elections date is time to act against the atrocities that the current government has subjected the people to.

“It is time to act against the cruelty and uncaring ANC councillors who demand bribes and sex in exchange for service delivery. It is time to upgrade the drainage system that subject our people in townships to foul smells. It is time to eradicate pit toilets in our rural areas. It is time to radically change the status quo,” stated the Fighters.

They as well warned that “EFF elections machinery will be covering all 9 provinces, 44 regions and the 4392 wards. Each of the 22570 voting stations will be manned by EFF party agents…”

They DA on its end, said the party is ready and prepared. To them, the elections are crucial to get the country in the right direction. For to them, the ANC “are no longer the party of Nelson Mandela.

“We cannot sit back and let our country shift off the course that we set ourselves on in 1994. The DA will launch our Manifesto at the Rand Stadium in Johannesburg.

“From Cape Town to Tshwane, from Nelson Mandela Bay to Johannesburg, we will tell South Africans…our message of change that will create jobs, deliver better services and stop corruption,” the DA disclosed.

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