Listen: Live Interview With Zola Turns Awkward As The Muso Couldn’t Stop Preaching About God


It was indeed a surprising moment for a TruFM radio presenter who called kwaito musician Zola for a scheduled interview.

Judging from the excitement in her voice, she was eager to get some juicy details about what’s going on in Zola’s career. Thus, she definitely wasn’t ready for what she got.

While the presenter was introducing him, the kwaito star interrupted her and said that he wanted to speak to the listeners directly. This was after the presenter told him that millions of people are tuned in and listening to his voice. Subsequently, his wish was granted and he took over.

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However, instead of talking music and entertainment, Zola took everyone by surprise when he started talking about God right there on the air. He started out by telling people that God can be likened to an insurance company that you need to enlist with before it can help you. Therefore, he emphasised how important it was to call on God during good and bad times.

“God is like an insurance company, you cannot call him when you crash your bumper and your tyres. You need to enlist with him first, people must not call God when they are in trouble. People must call God when they are ok so that God will get back to them when they are in trouble,” he said.

When the presenter tried to go into the reason for the interview, Zola told her that everything else she called him about was useless. Also, he told the presenter that he’s “above” her.

Eventually, he indicated that he had said everything he needed to say and didn’t want to talk about his new single, uMdlwembe.

The poor presenter was left with no other choice than to thank him for his time. Guess she never had a moment this awkward in her whole career.

Here’s the interview with Zola – take a listen;

On the bright side, millions of people got to hear about God in a way they never did before.