We’ve Found Lionel Messi’s Doppelganger, He’s Iranian – See Pictures


You don’t believe in such things like doppelganger huh? I don’t too. Stories about a ghostly double, evil twin of a living person are all nonsense to me. I believe people can just look-alike but Reza Parastesh almost got me thinking anything is possible.

A 25-year-old student in Iran got himself detained for being Lionel Messi, the Argentina soccer superstar. How? Just read on and I’ll tell you.

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Reza Parastesh looked so much like the Barcelona soccer lord that he created a chaos in the city of Hamaden, Iran.

Reza Parastesh and Messi

Too many people crowded Parastesh to take selfies with him, the commotion was such that left the Hamaden police with no option but to impound the car of the Lionel Messi look-alike and detaining him in order to clear traffic.

Reza Parastesh

Reza Parastesh

From our gatherings, this doppelganger story started when Reza Parastesh’s dad made him pose in a number 10 Barcelona shirt. Afterwards, Parastesh started making his hair and grooming his beard like the Argentina superstar, reported BBC Sport.

Now, it’s said that Parastesh has earned himself some modelling contracts and, is fully booked for media interviews. Also, he’s working towards developing some soccer skills which will help him play the modelling role better.

Reza Parastesh

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Reza Parastesh told AFP that he has built a reputation as Iranian Messi and that he’s happy about being famous.

“Now people really see me as the Iranian Messi and want me to mimic everything he does,” he said. “When I show up somewhere, people are really shocked. I’m really happy that seeing me makes them happy and this happiness gives me a lot of energy,” Parastesh added.

Meanwhile, the “real” Messi days with regards to his contract at Camp Nou are numbered. But, it has emerged that talks for extension are currently on.

FC Barcelona’s Jordi Mestre disclosed that the soccer star might sign another contract worth £25million per year.

“Lionel Messi’s contract renewal is on track. I’d say we’ve hit the final straight and in a few weeks there will be news. I cannot give an exact date, but it won’t be long.

“The truth is everything looks very good. Everything will end up well. If they’re saying there are problems in Madrid, then I’m delighted to be able to contradict them,” Mestre reportedly said.