Actress Lillian Dube Reveals Why She’s So Smitten With Her Man


One of the lessons that award-winning actress Lillian Dube has taught her fans is to do that which makes you happy, regardless of what people may think.

The veteran actress ignored all stereotypes by dating a man who is nine years younger than she is. However, contrary to what most people will expect, the two are head over heels in love with each other.

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Speaking in a telling interview‚ Lillian opened up about how finding love with her man helped in her battle with cancer. Apparently, she’s completely smitten with her man.

The actress recounted how she lost contact with her boyfriend 13 years ago. However, three years ago, Kenneth Mgqamqo reconnected with her on Valentine’s Day.

“He sent me a message‚ saying ‘happy Valentines Day.’ I replied saying‚ ‘thank you very much‚ same to you‚” an excited Lillian explained.

She continued that Kenneth then asked her if she knew who the message was from. “I was like‚ I know it’s Kenneth. He then asked me when we could meet for coffee‚ and I was ‘like now.”

On why she’s so besotted with her man‚ Lillian gave a thousand and one reasons including his charming good looks.

“He’s very handsome‚ I like handsome men. I’ve never had a ugly man but he’s the handsomest of them all. He’s also gentle and educated‚ which I’m not‚ so I grow from him.”

Though she’s all love-struck and all, Lillian Dube says she has no plans of getting married. In fact, she’s happy just “being in love and feeling like a 16-year-old“.

Lillian has been fighting a renewed cancer scare which reared its ugly head again in 2015. This followed her single mastectomy nine years ago. Apparently, the actress has accepted her fate but fears for people around her who worry a lot on her behalf.

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“I’m at peace but people who are in your life and love you‚ they struggle. They always think that you’re going to die. I know I’m going to die but I don’t let it in my head.”

After she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Lillian became an advocate to create awareness around the disease. According to her, her priority is to make sure that women know how to detect the deadly disease on time.