ANC Comrades Are Sufferers Of Liberation Struggle Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – Makhosi Khoza


According to ANC MP, Makhosi Busisiwe Khoza, ANC Comrades are sufferers of liberation struggle obsessive compulsive disorder (LSOCD). 

LSOCD she said, has dominated the public and intellectual discourse making it impossible for the nation to prosper.

The ANC MP known for her criticism of the leadership of her party described LSOCD as an “acute political and psychologically brutal condition”.

This condition she said, is primarily affecting struggle comrades. “However, its effects are beyond this group but affect the entire nation,” added the MP.

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That, she said, is so because it robs key individuals in society, hindering Members of Parliament from making sound decisions that are beneficial to the majority.

As identified by Khoza, below are the symptoms of liberation struggle obsessive compulsive disorder:

  1. Inability to accept that the liberation struggle family is no more, as politics of patronage has eaten up all its flesh and soul.
  2. Hoping for the impossible, thinking the liberation struggle mission could be pursued on the same political platform that bonded comrades together for years underground, prison, exile and on home soil struggles against white supremacy, oppression & exploitation of people.
  3. Assuming that when you talk about ‘radical economic transformation’, ‘land redress’, ‘unity’ and solutions to the challenges affecting the nation 23 years after democracy mean the same thing as your comrades prior to 1994.
  4. Having a strong sense of belonging resulting in fearing consequences for not towing the line of imaginary and directionless democratic centralism and powerless leadership collective.
  5. Poor visibility outside liberation struggle collective utopian mentalism.
  6. Denial: Hoping that those in power would voluntarily vacate their seat of power as you assume everyone has some resemblance or even an iota of moral conscience.
  7.  A strong belief that policy and elective conferences would deliver a magical constructive outcome that will advance the aspirations of all South Africans.
  8. Believing that organisational and South African challenges are only the work of monopoly white capital, the judiciary, the opposition and the media who in your view are enemies and reactionary forces. Thus disregarding the collective moral signature, the constitution which creates these democratic systems’ checks and balances.
  9. Absence or poor reflective capacity resulting in one thinking they are following principles when they are defending the indefensible caused by leadership that has a deliberate distorted sense of wrong or right.
  10. Failure to realise that it is precisely one’s silence and cowardice that has led to this state of paralysis and desperate South African economic, social and political crisis situation.

Stressing that the highlights above are how to identify LSOCD sufferers, Khoza asserted that a society physically or psychologically sick cannot prosper or unite.

“This is because…society gets frustrated as a tiny number appears to be prospering whilst the majority remain trap in poverty, state dependency and many become uncertain about their future.

“Soon the majority rise up and revolt. As society becomes more aware so is their resolve to act. Unfortunately, LSOCD is extremely stubborn. It takes very long for one to accept they have this condition.

“Sadly, its sufferers who are in the majority keep on trying to treat it. Unbeknown to them, is that they have the cure in their fingertips,” stated Khoza.

The ANC MP wailed that LSOCD perpetuates stereotypes about black people being inherently incompetent and corrupt while whites are ordained governors of the earth.

“It also opens doors for old failed systems that have been remodelled to look new. It can create so much instability in a country as it provides fertile ground for anarchy… It undoes all the work of Comrade Nelson Mandela of uniting and reconciling this nation.

“The worst impact is the kind of racism black children go through in former model C schools. Black executives in the private sector have to continuously prove their competence because they are doubted.

“Any white person who proposes a solution is viewed with suspicion and often get labelled “racist”. Black Africans who try to rebuild the nation are accused of grandstanding, as counter-revolutionaries and even get their lives threatened.

“As a result of LSOCD all South Africans are infected with ABC ( Accuse, Blame & Complain) syndrome. Confusion and chaos at this stage define the character of society,” Khoza lamented.

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Above all, the MP specified that the treatment for liberation struggle obsessive compulsive disorder is: “accepting that none can change this unfortunate and tormenting state of affairs but ourselves as a nation.

“It begins with each member standing up saying ‘enough is enough. Come what may,’ proclaimed the ANC MP.