DA Prepares To Roast Liam Christian Ferreira For Islamophobic Post


Maimane’s party has indicated that it punish Liam Christian Ferreira for  his ‘Islamophobic’ Facebook post.

DA (Democratic Alliance) strongly condemned Liam Christian Ferreira for the post stressing that it’s uncool for him to call Muslims bastards and calls for the burning of Mosques.

Liam Christian Ferreira posted:

“I think it’s a crime that no one is standing up to those muslim bastards blaring their call to pray 5 times a day over massive speakers.

Why do i need to put up with an Arabic tradition created in the dessert thousands of years ago. Stand up for yourselves!!! Burn it down!!!”


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To the DA, Mr Ferreira’s language has no place in South Africa’s constitutional democracy, where the principles of freedom, equality and dignity are paramount.

The party also indicated that the incitement to burn down places of worship is a criminal act which should not be taken lightly.

With that, DA divulged that it will be laying a complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission and laying criminal charges with the South African Police Service against Mr Ferreira for investigation.

“There is no place in a democratic society for bigotry and racism of any form. This goes against the values and principles protected in our Constitution and against the DA’s core principles of Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity for All.

“The fight against bigotry and racism requires all South Africans to unite in condemning the acts of the few people who seek to divide us.

“We are better together, and must continue to work towards building a South Africa that is truly prosperous and united.

“This is an ideal that the DA will work tirelessly towards, so that we honour Nelson Mandela’s dream for a non-racial, non-sexist South Africa, that belongs to all who live in it,” added the party.

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