LG Election: “We Will Launch Branches In The Farms, Workplaces, Campuses, Villages” – EFF


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are set to sweep through all local governments in the coming local government election. In fact, the party boasted that its anticipated victory at the national election will kick-start with its local government victory. The party said it is set to contest in all wards, with the hope to win in some municipalities.

“The Economic Freedom Fighters will contest the local government elections with the view to win them – as a step towards total takeover in the 2019 general elections,” said EFF’s Ndlozi.

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Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, who is the party’s spokesman made this known in a statement issued on Sunday. EFF held its second national plenum at the Lakes Hotel and Conference Centre in Benoni, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng. The party’s 2nd Annual Plenum sought to come up with an appreciable means of rescuing South Africans from the claws of abject poverty, maladministration and evils of capitalism. Also, to liberate women from the bondage of sexism, hyper-violent masculinity and patriarchy.

After the meeting, the party outlined some of its strategies for grabbing all votes in all corners of the country during the coming election. The statement reads in part,

“Every municipality, every ward and very community shall be contested with credible candidates approved through robust consultations with the people.”

In fact, it seems EFF is out for it this time around. The party also promised to set up branches “in the farms, workplaces, campuses, villages, and all informal settlements”.

“We will use all modes of transport to get to where we should preach the message of economic freedom. We will use bicycles, donkey-carts, cars, lorries, trucks, buses, trains, planes, helicopters, ships, boats and all forms of transport spreading the word for economic emancipation in our lifetime,” said EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.


The party also boasted that it would set up branches all over the country. With the aim of buzzing the maxim “economic freedom” to all South Africans. “We shall ensure to cover every corner of South Africa, from village to village, township to township, suburb to suburb, kraal to kraal, city to city, and everywhere where there is human life to speak and preach the message for economic freedom in our lifetime.”

We can recall that last year, the party’s defiant leader Julius Malema said that the local government would act as the party’s test of might. He meant that the party would be pitting it’s prowess against several other parties in the country. Malema, who spoke to populous supporters of the EFF at the Olympia stadium in Rustenburg, who gathered to celebrate the party’s second anniversary said he was happy that EFF internal crisis have been resolved.

The party was rocked by internal crisis following its elective conference. However, the leader [Malema] also made it known that only trustworthy candidates would make the party’ list.

“Those leading community struggles..sanitation, water roads and jobs will be on list for councils, those trust worthy and loyal to
people will be candidates, only those who live in communities will be selected,” said Malema.

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