‘Letter To Jacob Zuma’ Not For The Public, Says Mbeki Foundation


The Mbeki Foundation has come in defence of the letter written to President Jacob Zuma by the former South African President, Thabo Mbeki saying the letter was meant for Zuma’s view alone and not for the public.

The former president who wrote the letter earlier this month warning Zuma on issues affecting the country and the ruling party has come to say that the letter was not meant for public view but for Zuma only.

The letter was leaked following the release of the explosive state capture report which unraveled hidden connections between the president and the politically connected family, the Guptas.

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Mbeki seemed to insinuate that the letter had been leaked by someone at Luthuli House. He claimed that the letter was hand-delivered to Zuma and ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe at Luthuli House.

“Regrettably, the letter was subsequently leaked to the media by persons we do not know, which then published it during the morning of November 3. This suggests that the print media would have been in the possession of the letter by November 2,” the Thabo Mbeki Foundation said.

The Mbeki Foundation had since the letter was allegedly leaked, been bombarded with calls on things written in the letter. Hence it decided to clear the air on the matter.

“The letter was intended for President Zuma and the leadership of the ANC, not for public distribution. If it had been intended for such distribution as an ‘open letter’, there would have been no need to ensure its secure delivery directly to the ANC secretary-general at Luthuli House,

“We believe that to the extent that the issues raised in the letter have wider national implications, President Zuma and the ANC leadership should focus on the contents of the letter with the requisite seriousness,” the foundation stated.

In the allegedly leaked letter, Mbeki poured out his mind in a tersely worded warning to Zuma urging him not to shrug off concerns and worries of embittered members, or minimize the importance of ANC Veterans’ dissatisfaction with his leadership.

He told Zuma go back to the drawing board and pick up the values of the ruling party from where he abandoned them and he should, in his capacity as ANC President, listen to the shrill cries of the 101 ANC veterans, who sacrificed a lot for the progress of the party.

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Meanwhile, President Jacob Zuma had during a recent address in KwaZulu-Natal‚ suggested that the letter was not meant for him as it was leaked.

The Mbeki Foundation has however insisted on directing the letter to the President even as they maintained that the president ought to focus on the contents of the letter with the requisite seriousness.

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