Let’s Roast Zuma Like Brazilians Did Rousseff – COPE


South Africa’s Congress of the People (COPE) has expressed anger over the delay in impeaching President Zuma following several corrupt allegations laid against him.

The party says Zuma ought be put in the same boat as suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

68 years-old Dilma Rousseff, who is Brazil’s first female president was yesterday impeached and suspended for allegedly manipulating finances to hide a growing public deficit ahead of her re-election in 2014.

The senate voted 55-22 to put her on trial, a decision that ended more than 13 years of rule by the left-wing The Workers’ Party.

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To this, Cope spokesperson Dennis Bloem said president Zuma ought to be put in position as such in order to heal the south African state which he considered “sick”

“What is happening to President Rousseff in Brazil for breaking a budget accounting law should also have been happening to Mr Zuma for breaking his oath of office. He should have been in the same boat as his Brazilian counterpart‚” Bloem added.

Bloem however, expressed his disappointments in the delays to reach this goal blaming it on the selfish will of the ruling party (ANC). To him,  every effort to impeach the president was barricaded as the ANC caucus was made up of MPs who needed Zuma in place to keep their jobs

“In South Africa‚ every effort at impeaching Zuma to heal our equally sick country fails because the ANC caucus is made up of MPs and Ministers who need him in place to keep their jobs.

“They vote as a solid bloc to protect him regardless of his innumerable transgressions and in spite of the Constitutional Court damning him for breaking his oath of office‚” Bloem asserted.

According to him also, the weakness of South Africa’s electoral system in this regard had been magnified over the past few months.

Bloem went on to call for electoral reforms to have MPs be made accountable to voters. He added that the president, his deputy, the premiers and mayors should all be directly elected by voters and should be fully accountable to them.

“If electoral reforms do not occur‚ future presidents will do what Mr Zuma has done and never fear impeachment. Many of those who were closely associated with the making of our Constitution had in mind someone like President Mandela and therefore never anticipated that someone like Mr Zuma would take over from those who succeeded him.

“If ruling party MPs were accountable to voters and not directly accountable to Zuma‚ MPs with integrity would have voted according to their conscience. Ruling party MPs‚ however‚ vote according to their stomach and that is plain for the whole country to see‚” he added.

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Though she denied the allegation saying she is “a victim of a legal farce and a political farce”, Rousseff’s removal brings shock to all parts of Latin America, where Brazil was once viewed as an emerging economic power and the model for a new form of leftist rule, matching support for big business with muscular social-welfare programs to alleviate poverty and nurture a new middle class.

Her Vice-President Michel Temer will now assume the presidency while Ms Rousseff’s 180 days trial takes place.