How To Let Someone Know You Love Them

Love is one of the most complex phenoms there is and ever has been. Simply put, love is complicated; it comes with its ups and downs and its joy and sadness.

However, in all this, it’s utterly irreplaceable. It can be difficult to let someone know you love them but because love is probably the most natural of all human emotions, it’s worth taking a chance on.

Given its complicated nature, many people may have a little trouble articulating how they feel or even find it difficult to tell someone they love them, especially in this day and age.

However, if you want to let someone know you love them – it doesn’t have to take a lot. You can keep it simple with the ways listed below. Love can be complicated, but it can also be fruitful, exhilarating and wonderful, and you don’t want to miss out on all these things.

Let Someone Know You Love Them

Tell Them

Keep it simple, just tell them. Sometimes being straightforward is simply the best. Once you express your feelings clearly and concisely with the only three magical words more powerful than ‘I want food’, there’s no way they will ever question your feelings for them.

‘I Love You’ is probably one of the strongest phrases in the language, as such – it is understandable why people are hesitant to say the words. However, if you care about somebody then you shouldn’t hesitate to let them know how you feel. No need to make things complicated.


Show Them

If telling them how you feel is hard, maybe it’s easier to just show them. Letting them know you care might be easier than you think. It doesn’t always have to be extravagant (although this is welcome); sometimes, little acts are even more appreciated.

Pay attention to them, do the things they don’t want to do, be patient with them, still flirt with them, smile at them (yes smile at them, as often as you can), ask them about their day, listen to their problems, surprise them and TEXT (this one goes without saying, they will always want to hear from you).

Be There For Them

When your significant other, or friend is going through ups and downs or complicated issues, don’t distance yourself when things are getting hard for them – this is when they need you more than ever.

They probably don’t need anything besides your attention, time, comfort or encouragement and there’s no doubt that you can offer at least that.

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Don’t be there for them only when things are going well. If you do this, then you probably don’t love them as much as you think.

Being a shoulder to cry on for someone can be difficult but if you put aside your discomfort just for them, this shows that your feelings for them are genuine and true.

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Trust Them

There are a lot of sketchy things that happen in today’s world that makes people mistrustful of others. However, if your significant other has not given you any reason to be on guard, then trust them.

Granted – trust has to be earned. But being illogically suspicious and guarded is more likely to drive them away than have them prove themselves.

If you’ve been hurt before then it’s understandable why you would want to be cautious with who you trust. But to move on from that hurt, you need to be open to the chance that there are better people in the world who deserve your trust and your love.

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Don’t Take Them For Granted

This is one people do quite often. Once someone has been in your life long enough (and you do love them), you eventually begin to think that they’ll always be around and this makes you try less. You stop appreciating the things they do and start expecting it of them.

While you’re not trying to be hurtful, you still end up making them feel bad and unappreciated, even unloved. If you love someone, always be nice to them; let them know they are appreciated; never stop doing those things that made them fall in love with you in the first place. It’s literally as simple as that.

If you love someone, let them know – whichever way you choose.

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Eddy Valerii
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