Limpopo Killer Dad Gets 52 Years Behind Bars For What He Did To His Sons


The Limpopo killer dad Lesiba Kekana has accepted in good faith a 52 years sentence passed down by Judge Joseph Raulinga at the High Court in Polokwane earlier today.

The 37-year-old Limpopo man pleaded guilty to all five charges brought against him as he was initially convicted on four counts of murder and one of assault which he pleaded.

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Since his arrest in September last year, he has remained under state custody for the gruesome slaughtering his four children (all boys) following a disagreement with his wife.

The boys that met a horrible end in the hands of their dad were 13-year-old Bokang‚ 10-year-old Keneilwe‚ 6-year-old Hlologelo‚ and 4-year-old Lekgoledi and the incident happened at their home in Zebediela outside Lebowakgomo.

Kekana also pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife Lorraine with an ax with an intention to inflict pain and bodily harm on her.

The incident with his wife was not enough for Lekana as he stormed his home in Limpopo and slit the throats of his sons and was about to take his own life when neighbours intervened.

“I firstly cut my throat but when I saw that it was painful, I then tied an electrical cable on the roof to hang myself. But as I was about to hang myself, a community mob knocked at my door and I opened after I heard them shouting that they are kicking the door”, said Kekana.

Presiding over the case, Judge Joseph Raulinga said Kekana had shown no mercy by slaughtering his children like sheep, and in return he will not be shown mercy.

In the end, Lesiba Kekana was handed a 52 year sentence behind bars despite the efforts of his legal representative to bargain for a lesser sentence of 20 years.

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Kekana’s wife Lorraine on the other hand sees the 52 years sentence as small though no amount of sentence will bring her children back to her.

“I am happy with 52 years sentence, though it sounds small. I don’t think that there is a sentence that can bring back my children”, said Lorraine.