Lerato Kganyago And Tbo Touch Engage In A War Of Tweets


A massive storm is gathering on social media as radio personalities Tbo Touch and Lerato Kganyago took shots at each other on Thursday night.

The whole drama started when Lerato was tagged in a post by someone, saying that when Tbo Tough resigned from Metro FM, he took with him all the listeners on his show. The radio presenter was not ready to let this slide. Thus, she quickly responded that the show was doing okay.

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To buttress her point, she added that audience figures on the drive time slot, which she co-hosts with Mo Flava, had doubled. She also wondered whether it was because Touch left the show.

Meanwhile, Touch came into the picture guns blazing. He dared Lerato to prove her claims and even promised to make her a millionaire is she can.

“I will quit radio & Transfer R1million into your account if you can prove this! You can lie but numbers don’t. How dare you!”

While it’s not yet clear whether or not the actual audience figures for the slot in question have been released, radio insiders say that Lerato’s claims of “doubling the figures” would be “almost impossible”.

Nevertheless, Lerato’s reaction to Touch’s offer to give her a million could worsen the storm. According to the presenter, Touch owes her money for gigs, yet he’s dangling millions in front of her.

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In one of her posts on Twitter she wrote;

“People will take your kindness for granted until you flip on them, then [you’re] the bad guy,”

Following Toch’s resignation from the station, Mo Flava and Lerato Kganyago replaced him on the Drive Time show. Touch, on the other hand, teamed up with Gareth Cliff to launch a one of a kind entertainment company – Touch Central.