Legends Barber Price List: How Much Does A Haircut Cost?

The lowest amount you would find on the Legends Barber’s price list is R120. This depends on the hairstyle you want, as the prices for various haircuts are fixed. Additional charges may incur if a client desires other services such as styling, designs, shaving, and hair dye.

Sheldon Tatchell’s Legends Barber has over 50 outlets in South Africa. It is widely known for its professional grooming services and thus, ranks as the number-one barbershop in the country. Despite its high ranking, it still offers competitive prices as other non-popular barbershops across the country.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Haircut at Legends Barber?

Since its launch in 2011, Legends Barber has mainly focused on cutting hair, shaving, styling, designing, and other traditional barber-related services. Hence, they have a fixed price list for the various services offered.


With men no longer going for the chieskop (bald head look) in recent years, Legends Barber has had some influence in making trendy fades more fresh and fashionable. The haircuts offered by the highly-rated barbershop and their prices are:

  • Kids haircut – R120
  • Standard adult haircut – R120
  • Adult haircut (fade) – R150
  • Fade & shave – R230
  • Edge up – R50
  • Haircut with dye – R250
  • Chieskop clipper – R80
  • Chieskop blade – R100
  • Hightop fade – R150
  • Fade & line design – R170
  • Fade, powder & custom design – R190+
  • Fade & custom design – R190
  • Fade, dye & line design – R250


To maintain a fresh and long-lasting look, many men take care of their natural hair and beards by opting for different styling methods such as:

  • Wash & blow – R80+
  • Legendary powder & holding spray – R100
  • Legendary beard powder & holding spray – R100
  • S-curl / relax – R80


  • Beard shave (clipper) – R60
  • Clipper shave – R30
  • Blade shave – R50


It’s noteworthy that the final cost of any design at Legends Barber is determined by the extent of the design and the scale on which the customer wants it done. The price for the designs includes:

  • Star design – R40
  • Line design – R10+
  • Versace design – R50+


The price list for the extra services offered at Legends Barber is as follows:

  • Shampoo wash – R30
  • Express manicure – R150
  • Room service call out – R250

List of Legends Barber Products and Prices

In addition to providing a variety of barber-related services, Legends Barber has a range of haircare and beard care products for sale. These products are sold on their website and can be purchased at retail stores like Clicks, Dis-Chem, and Takealot. Here’s the price list of the Legends Barber Products.

  • The Wave Control – R149.95
  • Legendary hand sanitizer – R100+
  • Legendary black hair color – R80+
  • Legendary blonde hair color – R100+
  • Legendary red hair color – R100
  • Twist sponge – R200
  • Legendary powder – R300+
  • Legendary hold-twist spray – R120+
  • Legendary hair serum – R160+
  • Beard oil – R149.95
  • Wave Brush – R299
  • Legendary blonde powder kit – R120+
  • Legendary holding spray – R150+
  • Legendary silver shampoo – R100+
  • Brush – R100
  • Durag – R150
  • Pomade – R150
  • Legendary applicator – R350+
  • Legendary wave brush with handle – R300+

Is Legends Barber Affordable?

With its brilliant marketing and star power endorsement, one would think that the Legends Barber price list for haircuts may be overblown. Amazingly, the price starts from R120 and increases based on the desired hairstyle. The barbershop brand does not supercharge prices for their professional grooming services, rather they offer their services at competitive prices.

No wonder Legends Barber has been a go-to barbershop in South Africa. And some of its customers are public figures and A-list musicians. They include the founder of Dis-Chem Pharmacies, Ivan Saltzman, Sheldon Tatchell’s late partner―Riky Rick, Black Coffee, Lasizwe, Uncle Vinny, and Blxckie.

Does Legends Barber Braid?

No, Legends Barber does not offer braiding services. The barbershop is primarily focused on haircutting and the development of the next generation of barbers. The owner of Legends Barber, Sheldon Tatchell, aims to empower young people with barbering skills by hosting Masterclasses at The Legends Barber training facilities.

How Do You Book at Legends Barber?

For you to book an appointment at the top barbershop, you have to visit the Legends Barber website and complete an online booking form. Also, you can book a haircut appointment by contacting the barbershop through the following contact details:

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