Lebo Morake To Marry One Of His Ex-Wives Again


Lebo Morake has proved beyond doubt that certain old flames don’t die easily by running back into the arms of his ex-wife Angela Ngani-Casara.

Popularly known as Lebo M, Morake is best known in the entertainment industry for arranging and performing the music for The Lion King.

He confirmed in a statement that he will be re-marrying the woman he divorced in 2013 after a four-year-old marriage.

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In fact, preparations are already in full swing with no expenses spared. From all indications, we might just have the wedding of the year right in front of us.

The nuptials will take place early in December in Egypt. The after party will be open to close family and friends. The bride’s Italian family is expected to attend the wedding as well.

This will be the 4th time Morake has tried his luck in love and marriage. He has been married to Vivica Gibson – lasted five years; Nandi Ndlovu – lasted 11 years; Angela – lasted four years and ready to make a comeback. He also paid lobola for dentist Matseke Naka, but couldn’t complete the process.

Last year, Morake was engaged to actress and singer Zoe Mthiyane. However, it was a romance that ended in an ugly way. After all said and done, Morake is ready to go down the road of love and marriage once again.

Consequently, congratulatory messages have inundated the couple’s social media platforms for their second nuptial journey. Nevertheless, they insisted they were renewing their vows and not remarrying.

The two are overly excited about rekindling their old flame.

Morake had this to say;

“The events of my life have been humbling, and reconciling with Angela has continued to teach me important lessons. Our reconciliation is about restoring what truly is a gift to us.”

The bride also added;

“I am thankful to God that we have a second chance to rebuild our family, with renewed love and commitment.”

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The old flame was rekindled in September as the couple took leisure trips to several interesting places. Finally, they will end up marrying each other the second time.

Lebo Morake has a daughter with his wife-to-be in addition to his five other surviving children.