‘Leave Me Alone, I Belong To ANC’ – Zuma


The President, honorable Jacob Zuma has called on the opposition parties of the country to go about their opposing responsibilities the right way. Zuma requested of the DA, EFF, and others to quit criticizing his government, and stop asking him to give up his position as the number one citizen of South Africa.

Speaking at a post SONA breakfast gathering hosted by The New Age, Zuma informed the opposition party that they must understand that South Africa’s President will always come from the country’s ruling party.

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“They (ruling party) will choose among themselves the one who will lead. The system we are practicing, democracy; says the majority prevails. If you are a minority you have your own views and cannot convince the population otherwise.

“You cannot disrespect rules in our country. It is the voting force that decides which party must lead. I do not understand democrats out there. You hate dictators but you do not accept the system you are supposed to follow.”

The President narrated that “someone once called voters of the ANC ‘voting cows’. It is wrong, it is out of order. Saying people who have their own views are stupid is not correct. Democracy does not work like that. You will always have those that disagree but how do you handle your views is vital,” Zuma admonished.

The President stated that many of those calling for his fall are simply clueless. “They don’t have hatred for me, they just move with the wind. Shame on them.”

“Zuma belongs to an organisation called the ANC,” Mr President stated. “The ANC has policies….We don’t have time to talk about other parties because we are busy ruling. The problem with other parties is they talk about ANC and not themselves.”

Commenting on the SONA disruptions, Zuma’s son, Edward stated that he “was very hurt by the lack of respect displayed by some members of Parliament…that was embarrassing, unbecoming, unnecessary and uncalled for.

They disrespected him (Zuma) and one of the most important days in our history…They are crazy,” Edward said as he stressed “we cannot be ridiculed by those boys.”

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