Learn The Secret Language Criminals Use To Communicate Before They Attack You


Did it ever occur to you that criminals speak a different language from the one you speak? Well yes they do and sometimes, their language of communication is even more clearly understood than ours. They have a refined method of communication that does not require words. This way, they don’t have to go through the trouble of explaining something to people who may not understand, so everyone who knows the language of criminals knows what has been said when it is said. With this, you will know that it requires a certain level of intelligence to be a criminal.

Sometime last year, at a meeting about vagrants and crime held at the Musgrave Library in Glenwood Village, the Metro Police shared a list of signs that had been compiled with the SAPS over several months of attending crime scenes. Captain of the metro police Dingaan Motsamai, who gave the presentation on the method of communications and explained the need for utmost vigilance if the masses are to understand them and help the police keep the city safe.

Motsamai explained that criminal use signs and symbols that may seem ordinary to the normal man to communicate, and as such, people should watch out for signs that may look like a form of communication.

Now however, with the recent attacks on foreign nationals, the need has arisen once again to study the pattern of communication used by criminals to help bring down the level of violence and to enable the people watch out for themselves especially in case of situations where the Police force cannot be alerted to possible threat to the citizens. Read and study the symbols and signs below and help the Police keep you and you loved ones safe.

Description Meaning
“Z” painted on stop sign or the road. Houses in street targeted for burglaries
Pile of little stones. There are Dogs in the house
Two big stones together. Two old people together
Stones in a row. How many people in the house
Swastika on road. House targeted for burglary
Direction of swastika. Points to house targeted.
Coke can, red cloth, crisp packet. Can experience resistance
Upright Coke can. Nobody is home
Two Coke cans. Owner is armed
White sorghum carton, plastic bag. Easy target
Sorghum carton facing house. Target marked
White plastic bag on fence. Easy target
 The colour black  Stock theft
Colour green Direction marker
Crisp packet facing the road No-one home
Bricks Indicates that a car is stolen
Two or three bricks (normally new bricks) Robbery has been planned for that house
Crisp packet facing the house Owner at home
Blue and/or blue and white Easy target and someone inside will help

Other Signs Of Communication Are:

* The direction that a bottle points to, indicates the direction the criminals should proceed.

* Simba (or Lays) chip packets were normally neatly folded, but sometimes weighed down by something inside the packet.

* Shoes and soles near or by the gate – This means there is no one at home and the direction of the shoes indicates the escape route.

* Wrong numbers on your house or cell phone – This means the criminals are checking to see if you are home.

* If electricity is off at the main box, be aware of leaving the house open as people inside are targets.

* When there is a sudden appearance of strange items like a cardboard box, bricks or a tree branch in front of a house – do not stop to remove them or the criminals will pounce on you.

* Two big stones together – This means two old people are home. Stones placed in a row indicates the number of people in the house. Swazika painted on road shows houses in the street targeted for burglary and its direction indicates the targeted house.

* A red coke tin, cloth, crisp packet, et cetera warned the attackers to “expect resistance”. Two coke tins warned that the owner is armed.

* The police advises home-owners to immediately remove and dispose all markers and to keep pavements neat and tidy. He said the problem would be hard to imagine in urban areas because there are addresses and criminals could use “GPS” to locate their targets, which is not the case in rural areas.

* Poisoning: If a dog dies suddenly or vomits, check for black specks in the vomit or white powder near the dog. Report all dog poisonings to the SAPS who MUST give you a case number.

* Listen to your barking dog.

* Kiewiets (and geese) are excellent watch dogs. They sound the alarm when a human encroaches on their territory. Become aware of their various calls.

Lets endeavor to watch out for some of these signs. This will help us keep ourselves safe and make South Africa the Rainbow nation it has always been.