Former ANCYL Leader Wisani’s Remorseless Decision Shocks Court


Former ANC Youth League leader Patrick Wisani, who was found guilty of murdering his girlfriend Nosipho Mandleleni, shocked the court when he insisted that he must be sentenced next month.

His decision was at variance with Judge Mohammed Ismail’s warning about the sentencing. Ismail had earlier warned Wisani that sentencing is a process and needs time, adding that it will be better if the date is postponed.

But Wisani expressed his readiness to face the wrath of the law court; insisting that he has psyched himself up for sentencing.

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Speaking in the South Gauteng High Court sitting in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday; the former leader told the court that his readiness follows his family’s decision to contract a new legal representative on his behalf during the sentencing.

Wisani has been speaking for himself since he started making court appearances. But to his amazement, the so-called legal representative failed to show up in the court yesterday; leaving him bewildered and confused.

“My family said they have found a lawyer for me. I don’t know why he is not here. My lord, I have been briefed by my family that they have agreed informally with an advocate to represent me,” Wisani, who looked apparently worried, said.

Unfazed by the disappointment, the convict strongly told the court that he would prefer his sentencing to take place on December 12.

He added: “December 12 is a suitable date for me. We are hoping to conclude the discussion [for a lawyer]. December 12 must be set for sentencing.”

How Former ANCYL Leader Patrick Wisani Killed His Girlfriend

Wisani’s girlfriend, Mandleleni, died in September 2015 at the crime scene as a result of her injuries after Wisani injured her with a broomstick and sjambok at their home in Yeoville.

He was also found guilty of the lesser charges of assault and intimidation of state witness and Nosipho’s twin sister, Siphokazi, and of her friend, Zimbini Mathibe.

Nosipho’s twin sister Siphokazi told the law court that Wisani had assaulted and threatened to kill her like he killed her sister if she stands to testify against him in the court.

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The deceased’s twin also testified that on the night of the murder; she heard her sister screaming frantically inside Wisani’s room. She also disclosed that when former ANCYL leader Patrick Wisani finally opened the door; she saw him with a blood-bathed broomstick.

Wisani maintained his innocence and accused some of the witnesses of lying and fabricating a story to implicate him in the course of his trial.