BLF Leader Loses His Cool, Physically Attacks White Man For Insulting A Black Man


Black First Land First (BLF) Leader Andile Mngxitama lost his cool today against TUT FM station manager, Jeremy Thorpe, at the South African Association of Public Administration and Management (SAAPAM) seminar on coalitions.

The controversial leader was forced to go nuts after busy-bodied Thorpe interrupted his speech repeatedly from the second seat row.

During his speech, Mngxitama tried to tell the audience that most media houses in the country are manipulated and controlled by the whites, except the SABC- which is manned by capable Motsoeneng – but Thorpe intercepted referring to the SABC COO as “an idiot”.

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Mngxitama argued: “In South Africa today people [are] told about the media that they do not own. The media is controlled by settlers, even the SABC is under settler mentality…”

TUT FM’s Thorpe interjected: “Hlaudi Motsoeneng, you must be out of your mind”. But Mngxitama replied him by insisting that Hlaudi “is the only one who is progressive”.

He continued: “You see, all of you who are in universities, we need a patriotic leadership of management. In South Africa today I can tell it is Hlaudi and [Eskom CEO] Brian Molefe who, in my view, are patriotic managers….”

Thorpe chimed in again by asserting: “No. He [Hlaudi] is an idiot”.

At this point, Mngxitama flung a bottle of water at him, and had to be restricted from launching another attack on the white man. Many participants suddenly went on diverse ways, with some supporting the aggrieved young man while some rallied behind the wide-mouthed white man.

Mngxitama was later pushed out of the arena amid shouting. He also demanded that appropriate action must be taken against Thorpe for hurling insults at a black man.

The seminar was hosted by SAAPAM in conjunction with Pretoria News as part of a series of discussions aimed at streamlining public views about party coalitions after the municipal elections.

Recently, Leader Andile Mngxitama has taken his fight-against-white-monopoly to a higher level. Earlier this week,  he accused the whites of carting away billions of Rands from the national treasure. He has also recently slammed Gordhan for being in bed with the DA.