Top 10 Universities In Zambia and Their World Rankings

In compiling the list of the top Universities in Zambia, the ranking is usually done based on the universities offering the best programs such as MBA, Medical, Engineering, Arts & Design, Films & Media and many other courses and programs. These rankings also look at quantitative measures of academic productivity and how far the certificates awarded can take one around the world. Thus, it is sometimes based on whether the degrees and diploma certificates awarded to candidates are well-recognized around the world.

Of course, when you search for any global university ranking, you’re likely to find at least two or three Zambian universities listed. The ranking is made by uniRank, which is one of the most respected international higher education directories and takes a look at many things before drawing the list.

1. University of Zambia (World rank: 3492)

It is Zambia’s biggest university and was founded in 1966. Its student population is about 24,834. The school has over 157 degrees and post-graduate degree programs. It recently launched a one-year diploma programme in Intelligence and Security Studies. It offers different important courses relevant to the current time.

The university also has schools of Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, Mines, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, and School of Business.

Compared to its global ranking of last year, in the 2295th spot, the university has fallen.

2. Copperbelt University (World rank: 7736):

This university has maintained its spot for a year as the second best university in Zambia. The university also has schools of Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, Mines, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, and School of Business.

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It was founded by an act of the Zambian Parliament in 1987 and it used to be part of the University of Zambia before it was separated.

3. University of Lusaka (World rank: 8369)

Although this private university was only established in 2007, it has risen to become one of the most important universities in Zambia. The university offers certificate and diploma courses as well as undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

The institution has schools of Business and Management, Education, Social sciences, and Technology, as well as schools of Health Sciences, Law, and Postgraduate studies.

4. Texila American University (World Rank: 8693)

This university which is located in Lusaka was only founded in 2016 with a history that goes back to 2010, and already, it is the 4th best university in the country. This institution offers programmes in Business & Management, Information Technology, Education, Medicine, and Public Health.

5. Mulungushi University (World rank: 9010)

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Mulungushi is a private university founded on 1st January 2008 and offers a wide range of degrees, diploma and certificate programs. Located in Kabwe, the university also offers distance and lifelong learning programs, short lectures and even evening lectures for non-regular students. It has two campuses to serve students better.

6. Cavendish University (World rank: 110204)

Cavendish University is affiliated with the Cavendish International Limited, London. It was established in 2004 and has over 5500 students.

The first private University in Zambia, Cavendish has four Schools: Schools of Medicine, Law, Business and Information Technology (B.I.T), and Arts, Education and Social Sciences (A.E.S.S.).

7. ZCAS University (World Ranking- 10471)

Also located in Lusaka, this university is a privately owned higher education institution that has the following faculties: Business, Accounting, ICT, and Law. Even though the university is not one of the most popular in the country, it still manages to stand out in a lot of ways.

The university offers certificate, diploma, and bachelors as well as masters programmes in various courses.

8. Rusangu University (World rank: 11038)

Formally referred to as Zambia Adventist University, Rusangu is a private coeducational Christian university located in Rusangu Mission near Monze in Zambia.

The university was established in 2003, and each year it takes in between 2,000 to 2,999 students. The institution has schools of Business, Education, Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Technology, as well as the School of Theology. There is also the school of Graduate Studies.

9. Lusaka Apex Medical University (World Ranking: 11157)

Among the many universities located in Zambia’s capital city is this privately owned university which began in 2008. The drive behind the establishment of the institution is so as to meet the needs of qualified medical personnel in Zambia as well as the southern region of Africa.

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The university has three campuses; Foxdale Campus, Mutandwa Campus, and TICK Campus. Also, the university offers undergraduate courses, postgraduate, diploma, and pre-medical foundation programmes.

10. Northrise University (World rank: 11247)

A private Christian university in Ndola, Zambia, it was established in 2003 by Moffat and Doreen Zimba.The University has the main campus and the Downtown campus in Ndola pursuing its Business School, Theology, Law, Health and Sciences, Education, and Information and communication technology programmes.

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