Latest Pondo Hairstyles In South Africa

Pondo hairstyles or what you may know as ponytails are those female hairstyles that pull the hair away from the face to the middle, while the tip is allowed to sway freely or knotted. For white women or women who keep long hair, making this hairstyle is pretty easy. But even if your hair is not long, with the help of an extension or attachment, you can also rock any Pondo hairstyle of your choice. In South Africa, there are a variety of Pondo hairstyles that are currently trending, and so many female celebrities are rocking these hairstyles. However, it is not wise to just make any Pondo hairstyle as you should find out if it will be a good fit for your face first. In this article, we have carefully selected the latest Pondo hairstyles in South Africa that you should consider rocking.

Trending Pondo Hairstyles In South Africa

Before we go into the discussion about the latest Pondo hairstyles in South Africa, it is important to add that these hairstyles can cause front hair loss. As such, you should avoid making it too often and when you make them, ensure that it is not too tight.

Updo Pondo Hairstyles

Here are the latest updo Pondo hairstyles:

1. Single High Bun

The high bun is the perfect Pondo hairstyle to make when you do not want hair or hair extension touching your skin. This is because it pulls all your hair to the middle of your head. This particular easy-to-make Pondo hairstyle can fit any lady. However, it is best for round or oval faces. The way the hairstyle pulls all your hair up has a way of making the face look smaller.

This hairstyle is very easy to accomplish. You can make it yourself from scratch, or by converting your ponytail hairstyle to a high bun. This particular Pondo style pulls the hair and can result in hair loss, especially on your front hair. So, you may want to be intentional about how tight it is, and how long you carry the hairdo. You can rock this hairstyle for both formal and informal occasions and events. South African dancer Samantha Malinga has rocked this hairstyle and it looked so beautiful.

2. Double Bun

Ladies who want to look mature and youthful can consider this Pondo hairstyle. Unlike the single bun, the double bun is best for informal occasions, because of the youthful look it gives the lady.

To have different looks throughout the time you are on this hairstyle, it is best to make it as a double ponytail, then whenever you wish, you can convert the ponytail into a bun. The double bun protects the front hair more than the single bun. Notwithstanding, if it’s too tight, you can lose your hair. Both adults and children can rock this Pondo hairstyle.

3. Bantu Knots

Bantu knot gives ladies that typical African look, and it’s beautiful. It is not a hairstyle you can carry for long. Depending on how tight the knots are, you are likely to experience pain in the process of making it, and for a few days after.

To protect your front hair, you should consider making the knots with the front brush. This way, they will not be held too tight. Whenever you make this style, the high bun or double bun, you should consider accessorizing with bold earrings.

4. High Bun With Fringe

The beautiful thing about Pondo hairstyles is that you can make them in a variety of beautiful ways. And this high bun with fringe is one of those beautiful and classy Pondo hairstyles.

However, because of the fringe, this hairstyle may not fit everyone. If fringes do not look good on you, then this hairstyle will also not look good on you. You can rock this hairstyle for a photoshoot or any classy event.

5. Double Afro Bun With Front

If you want to look simple, yet chic, then you should consider making this updo afro pondo hairstyle. It is also a style that you should consider making for your children.

The braids in front make the hair look youthful. You can rock this hairstyle for any casual event and for a photoshoot as well.

6. Double Half Buns

Who says you can’t have different pondo hairstyles in one? You actually can. This hairstyle perfectly blends the long ponytail, high bun, and half-bun pondo hairstyles together – and it looks beautiful.

As long as you don’t mind having different pondo styles on hair at the same time, you can make this hair, because it suits just anybody if it is made well.

7. C-Line Pondo

This pondo hairstyle is formal and beautiful. You can rock it to practically any event, even casual events.

However, it is noteworthy to add that making your hair into one bold braid may not be favorable to your front hair. So you may want to avoid making this hair often.

Long Pondo Hairstyles

If you love long Pondo styles, you should consider making the following:

8. Two Cornrows Afro Pony

This is one of the most protective Pondo hairstyles, to avoid losing your front hair. This is because, instead of pulling your hair to the middle or back, you plait it. However, if your hair is too full, making the two-line plait may not be something you can do on your own. Sinovuyo Mondliwa is one of the South African celebrities who have rocked this hairstyle.

At the same time, if your hair is scanty, this Pondo hairstyle may not look good on you. You can use an afro pony or a straight ponytail, but the afro pony is usually more beautiful. This hairstyle should look good on any lady. However, you should note that when the gel or edge control on the cornrows wears off, the hair will no longer look good.

9. Ponytail

This is one of the classiest and most trendy Pondo hairstyles in South Africa and Africa as a whole. Just like other pony styles, if you have a ready-made pony, you can make this style yourself. You can rock a ponytail hairstyle to any event, even for your wedding. Thankfully, it is not a selective style, as it fits everybody.

South African rapper and entrepreneur, Boity Thulo, and Kim Kholiwe are a few of the so many celebrities that have rocked this hairstyle at one point or the other.

10. Afro Ponytail

This hairstyle is one of the most trending Pondo hairstyles in South Africa. Thankfully it looks good on anyone, so while your friends and celebrities are rocking it, you too can, without worrying whether or not it will fit you.

You can either sew or crochet the afro pony into your hair. This may require you to get help from someone else. But, if you have an already made afro ponytail, you can attach it by yourself.

11. Bubble Pony

If you want your hair to look really bold and attractive, then consider making the bubble pony. This hairstyle is best for those who have a small face because it has a way of adding volume to the face. South African celebrity, Boity Thulo has rocked this hairstyle for a photoshoot.

Whenever you rock this hairstyle, consider using bold earrings. You can choose to throw your pony to the side or to your back.

12. Brush Ghana Braid Pondo

It is probably one of the classiest pondo hairstyles. You can rock it for your traditional wedding, white wedding, or any special event. Also, unlike gel-up pondo styles, it has the tendency of lasting longer.

Braiding your hair into two bold braids will be painful, but considering how beautiful you will look, it can be worth it for you, plus the pain will only last for a short time. This hair is best for those who have a round or oval face.

13. Half Braid, Half Gel-Up Ponytail

You don’t have to choose between making your pondo gel-up or braid; you can just do the two. But before doing this, ensure that you have full hair so that it does not look so scanty.

This hairstyle will look good on anybody, as long as it is done well. If you decide to braid the back, then do not use a pony that will cover that part.

14. Braided Pony

Ponies are usually loose but braided ponies are now becoming a trend. For this style to look good, your pony has to be a long one. This is also one of the easiest pondo styles to make. Ladies who do not have so much money to spend on kinky or bone straight hair extensions can take advantage of this style.

This is because the normal attachment used to make the pony is cheaper. The fact that this style is cheaper to make, does not mean it is not classy. If this style is made well, you can rock it for classy events and a photoshoot.

15. Double Braided Ponies

Instead of one ponytail, you can make it two and still look beautiful and even more youthful. You can rock the hair for a photoshoot or any casual event.

Turning up for work with this hair may not be appropriate if you work in a formal organization.

16. Pompom Pondo

This is another pondo hairstyle that you can rock to any event. It may not look so good on ladies who have oval faces. It is certainly a hairstyle you should consider if you want a unique pondo style that is not like the regular.

Curly Pondo Hairstyles

Curly pondo hairstyles are classy and look good on almost anybody. Here are some of the trending curly pondo styles:

17. Midway Tie

Midway tie is one of the easiest and most beautiful ways of rocking your natural hair. You do not have to visit any salon, as it is something you can do by yourself at home. All you need to do is tie the hair in the middle, then pull it back slowly, and as you move backward, tighten your grip, until you reach the center of your hair.

If your hair is not natural, or you want to use an afro hair extension to achieve this style, you can visit a salon. Unlike most Pondo hairstyles, you can only carry this hairstyle for one day, because when you sleep, you ruin it. To give the hairstyle a more elegant look, arrange the front with edge control.

18. Afro Bun with braids

This is also a trendy Pondo style. It is comfortable to rock and very easy to make. You can make this style yourself at home – if you have a ready-made bun. The style is perfect for any lady. For the hair to look elegant, ensure that the front of the hair is well arranged.

19. Half Bun

Although this style is usually done by those who keep natural hair, you can also rock it with your relaxed hair. It is very simple to make. You can also hold up or convert an extension into this style.

All you need to do is divide your hair into two, and pack the part in front into a bun. If your hair is long, then be ready to feel it at your back all day, whenever you make this Pondo hairstyle.

20. Braided Curly Pondo

Pondo does not always have to be gel-up; you can also braid your hair. Braiding may even be better than gel-up, because it protects your front hair better. It also has the tendency to last longer.

But for this style to look good, you will need to make the pony part of the hair very full. Aside from using curly hair extensions, you can also use an afro kinky and even a straight ponytail. It just depends on the skill of the person making the hair.

How To Make Afro Pondo

Most Pondo styles are easy to make. You can make them yourself at home, especially if you already have a ready-made pony. Afro Pondo is one of the easiest Pondo hairstyles to make, and here is how to go about it.

Things You Will Need To Make Afro Pondo

  • Water spray
  • Conditioner
  • Styling gel
  • Edge control
  • Kinky hair extension
  • Comb
  • Brush
  • Rubber band
  • Wool
  • Scarf

We break the making procedure into different stages to make it easier to understand.

Stage 1. Setting Your Hair

  • Spray water on your hair.
  • Rub conditioner, ensure that every part of your hair is moisturized with the water and conditioner.
  • Allow your hair to set for a while.
  • While your hair is sitting, prepare the pony.

Stage 2: Preparing The Pony

  • Pick the afro pony extension one after the other, until you get your desired volume.
  • When you get the desired volume, comb it out. The reason for combing us is to stop it from looking like dreadlocks.
  • Fold the extension into two.
  • Leaving a little space at the top, use a rubber band to tie the combed-out kinky hair at intervals to give it a bubble look.
  • Fold the edge to also form a bubble. Tie the edge with wool to make it tight.

Stage 3: Attaching The Pony To Your Hair

  • Apply hair cream and comb your hair.
  • Rub a stylish gel on the surface of your hair.
  • Apply edge control or eco gel in front to give your hair the smooth look.
  • Pull your hair to the middle of your head and hold it using a rubber band.
  • Use a brush to style the tip of your hair.
  • Cover your hair with a hair tie to allow it to sit for about an hour.
  • Put the pony inside the space you created at the top of the kinky extension you have already prepared.
  • Use a band to tie the extension to your hair. Make it as tight as possible.
  • Arrange the pony and your hair to look neat and you are good to go.
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