Large Number Of South Africans Associate With Terrorist Organizations


Terrorism has become a global phenomenon, a word that makes countries of the world shiver. In south Africa, State Security minister fears the alarming increase of South Africans involvement in the the terrorist activities.

In a statement released by the State Security minister David Mahlobo during his budget vote speech in Parliament last week, the minister disclosed that a large number of South Africans are associating themselves with terrorist organisations round the world.

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“Domestically efforts continue to be undertaken to identify South African citizens who want to join terrorist groups and to prevent an expansion in this regard. In addition‚ we are working with certain communities to curb radicalization and recruitment of our young people on false ideology‚” the minister’s office said in a statement on Tuesday‚ quoting remarks he made during his budget vote speech in Parliament last week. he said

Mahlobo added that his department needs partnerships between civil society organisations, the private sector and communities to fight this scourge adding that no nation can act alone in dealing with this phenomenon.

According to him, terrorist teams have been evolving with their motivations‚ financing and help mechanisms. Strategies of assault and selection of targets are continuously altering.

“That is completed via using new and complicated recruitment techniques and funding strategies‚ in addition to makes an attempt at gaining and controlling territory‚”

Based on 2015 Al Jareera’s report, 23 South Africans together with no less than eight households had joined ISIS inside the final yr and a Turkish overseas ministry official claimed that a dozen South Africans have been detained and deported again to SA for making an attempt to succeed in ISIS territory in April 2015.

We could also recall that last year, a 15-year-old girl from Cape Town was allegedly trying to join the ISIS to fight for the terrorist group in Syria

Reports also allege that as many as 140 South Africans had been recruited, three of whom have been killed in action.The ambassador of Iraq to South Africa reportedly confirmed the deaths.

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However, South Africa is not alone in facing this challenge, foreign terrorist fighters has become a global phenomenon and its not also certain whether ISIS is specifically targeting South Africans, although there is increasing concern among citizens that radical Islamist organisations may be using the country for logistical reasons.

Notwithstanding, the minister believes citizens need not to worry much. He reassured South Africans that the country is still stable despite the rising global terrorism threat.