KZN Teachers Admonished To Stop Sleeping With Pupils Or Face The Law


The Province’s SA Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) secretary, Nomarashiya Caluza admonished Teachers and principals in KwaZulu-Natal to help transform the society through education and not contribute to its destruction by having sex with students.

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During his speech at the first principal’s award in Durban, Caluza warned rogue teachers and principals, without any reference to a particular person, that pupils were at school to learn not to become their wives.

Caluza said;

We are very worried about the evil deed engulfing our teachers throughout the province. We find that teachers are impregnating pupils they’re supposed to be treating as their children.

She specified that these teachers and principals were destroying both the society and the future of the pupils because pregnant pupils have to drop out of school to raise their children.

You are not only destroying her future, but also ruining your dignity as principal or teacher.

SADTU organised the awards ceremony to honour the principals whose schools excelled in last year’s matric results. KZN education MEC Peggy Nkonyeni, the union’s national treasurer Lindiwe Motshwane and more than 100 principals and teachers from across the province were in attendance.

Caluza told the ceremony that there was nothing called pupil and bed, but pupil and books.

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Make sure that you make a positive impact on the lives of [youngsters in] the country. You must leave a legacy that will create positive thoughts for the next generation. And also you must protect the integrity of the organisation.

Education MEC Nkonyeni praised the union’s advice, saying the issue of teachers sleeping with and impregnating pupils needs to be fought by all stakeholders. Besides, a teacher who is known to be sleeping with a pupil automatically loses respect from other pupils.

Nkonyeni said;

This is one of the issues that had an impact to our poor matric results because a teacher sleeping with a pupil is taken for granted by other pupils. It will be awkward to pay respect and attention to whatever he is saying.

She promised that her department will make sure the culprits face justice and will never work for her department again.

Randy teachers be warned!