Sodwana Bay Guesthouse Owner Insists God Made Blacks As Servants


As culled from EWN report, Andre Slade the owner of KZN Sodwana Bay Guesthouse has refused to apologize for his racist comments.

He insisted that God created blacks to be servants and declared his support for the apartheid structure of governance.

You’ll recall that the KZN Sodwana Bay Guesthouse owner pissed South Africans off when he used the Bible to justify his decision to not accommodate black people and government officials as guests.

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The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) promised to investigate Slade for the alleged racist behavior.

However, KZN’s Economic Development and Tourism MEC Sihle Zikalala opened a case today against Slade.

As gathered, charges of illegal operation, hate speech and tax evasion were laid against the KZN Sodwana Bay Guesthouse owner.

According to the Economic Development and Tourism MEC, investigations exposed that Slade is operating his business illegally.

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He is trading without being registered, his license will be suspended and he will be evicted from the Ingonyama land, Zikalala stated and divulged that Slade leased the land under the pretense of training and empowering locals.

Responding from his yard, Slade refused to apologize but disclosed his desire for the apartheid system to be reinstated.

He argued based on his beliefs that apartheid laws were alright because they were based on the principles of Christianity.

“We are not racist, that is something that doesn’t exist. The Bible tells us that there’s segregation and we’re just sticking with what the Bible is telling us,” proclaimed Slade.

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His spouse expressed similar sentiment asserting that it isn’t alright for white and blacks to mix. “It’s just like apricot and peach, we’re not the same. We’re saying the truth,” she insisted.