KZN Man Cuddled, Kissed And Smashed His Son To Death


Reports have it that a KZN man cuddled and kissed his 2-month-old son before smashing the young baby’s skull on the floor of his estranged lover’s home in Ngwavuma, northern KwaZulu-Natal.

The KZN man who was angered for some unknown reasons, held his baby by the ankle after he cuddled and kissed him. He then repeatedly smashed the baby on the ground while the mother and sister watched excessively terrified.

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Relating what transpired, the baby’s 44-year-old grandmother told News24 that she’s yet to accept that the KZN man could do “such a heartless thing. He was like a son to me. How could he do that to my only grandchild? I just want to bury him and forget that this ever happened.”

According to her, her 16-year-old daughter separated from her boyfriend in January after she gave birth. Her daughter moved back home and as such, the KZN man visited everyday to see his baby. He even sometimes, visited more than once in a day.

“He came all the time, sometimes carrying a panga or a large knife. Yesterday, he came early in the morning and asked to see the baby. He saw the baby, held and kissed him and then handed him back to my other daughter.”

Grandma further narrated that the man demanded to take the child home with him. “My daughter asked him why he wanted to take the baby because he had already seen him. She then told him he could not take the baby because she needed permission from me or the elders.

He pushed my daughter who was holding the baby and she fell, but the baby was not hurt. When she got up, he forcefully grabbed the baby from her arms and bashed him on the floor two times and then there was silence.

When my daughters saw this, they started crying. The mother of the child rolled on the floor while the others took the child and poured water on him but this did not help.

I am deeply hurt by what happened. He was always in my home and he was always laughing with us. I never thought he would do such a horrible thing. We are still shocked by what happened.

He is still lurking around and when I see him in the area my heart sinks. Maybe I would do better if he was behind bars. I don’t know if I will be able to forgive him, this was my first and only grandson.”

Confirming this event, Police spokesperson Major Thulani Zwane also confirmed that the police is yet to arrest the man as they are investigating the incident.

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