KZN Farm Workers Terrorized By Black Mamba


Farm workers have been facing severe attacks by some highly venomous snakes one of which is the black Mamba. The recent out pour of these specie of snakes has been attributed to the hot and occasionally rainy summer.

A farm owner in Hazelmere north of Durban who goes by the name Gayapersadh Deosaran, said his workers have on several occasions encountered these snakes while working. He said most of the snakes measuring up to 2 metres long were discovered and relocated to their homes.

My workers are very fearful of these snakes and rightfully so. They can be quite dangerous. When we find them we try our best to let the snakes go, but yesterday I called a snake catcher friend of mine in.

“We are just trying to ensure our workers are kept as safe as possible” The farm owner said.

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According to a Private security company Reaction Unit South Africa spokesperson, Prem Balram, the mamba was found near dog kennels and was captured and released away from the home.

The farmer said some of his employees had refused to work on the farm after a large black snake measuring approximately four metres was seen several times on the farm since last year,” Balram said.

Deosaran admitted that his brother spotted a four-metre mamba in December which was re-spotted lask week.

“There is one very big one in the field we work in. It was in excess of four metres. In December my brother saw it and was stunned at its size. With the heat and the rain in February they seem to be coming through more often.

“We are absolutely afraid. We have about 50 staff. We think it lives in a pipe at a nearby bush. I am getting a snake catcher to come through again and hopefully find it.”

Meanwhile, a kwaZulu Natal snakes handler whose name is Jaco Dercksen had complained about the refusal of the First Lady Tobeka Madiba Zuma’s foundation to pay him for fishing out snakes and other reptiles in and around President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla homestead.

Dercksen, who had been handling snakes for almost 20 years said he was persuaded to do the job for the foundation even though he knew the risk attached to doing it.

“I tried to get myself out of it because you’re working for the state president. (If) something goes wrong, a snake might bite one of his family (and) you’re going to be in big trouble,” said Dercksen.

The snake handlers added that in his agreed snake hunt, he was able to discover 7 snakes one of which was a puff adder and that after he was done with his work, the foundation refused to fulfill their own part of the deal.

“I came highly recommended for the work I do. All the snake catchers in South Africa know me very well. All the other snake catchers will see what is happened to me now and I can guarantee you, if the president is not going to pay me, no other snake catcher will work for him again,” he said.

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