Back To School Tragedy: 4 Children Killed In KZN Bus, Taxi Crash


Tragedy struck four unfortunate school children on Wednesday when a bus and taxi collided on the Ingcebo Road in the Ntazuma area in KwaZulu-Natal.

The accident occurred when a Durban Transport bus and a minibus carrying more than 20 primary school children had a head-on collision, leaving four children dead at the scene and 20 others severely injured.

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When paramedics arrived at the KZN bus, taxi crash scene, the four children were found lying on the ground. They were later declared dead on the scene, having succumbed to their multiple, fatal injuries.

20 of the children, who were believed to be on their way to school sustained injuries ranging from minor to critical wounds. They were spotted receiving treatments from paramedics, who also provided them with extensive and numerous advanced life support enhancements.

A medical helicopter was also called to the KZN bus, taxi crash scene to airlift one of the critically injured to hospital.

In a statement released shortly after the accident, Mediclinic spokesperson, Russel Meiring added that one side of the taxi had been completely ripped open in the collision.

Meanwhile, officials from the eThekwini Municipality have arrived at the KZN bus, taxi crash scene to initiate an investigation into the crash.

Though the cause of the accident is yet to be unraveled, it appears South Africa, recorded an outrageous number of road accident over the festive season.

On Tuesday, Transport Minister Dipuo Peters released the death toll on SA roads in last festive season. Peter divulged that over 1700 deaths were recorded over the 2016/17 festive season.

It is understood that 2016/2017 death record was a 5% increase over the last festive season. In addition, she stated that 75% of those who perished were males while 23% were women.

“An astonishing 81% of the victims of the road carnage were blacks and the remainder were other races,” Peters said.

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A look at the statistics showed that Gauteng is among five provinces that recorded an increase in fatalities over the festive season while Gauteng, together with KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, and the Eastern Cape jointly accounted for 61 percent of the total number of people who died during the festive season.

She lamented that an overwhelming majority of fatal crashes were caused by a single motor vehicle overturning, head-on collisions; and that there is an influx of incompetent drivers on South African roads.