KwaZulu-Natal Councillors Warned About The Dangers Of Complacency


Almost ready to start-up work in various wards, the ANC KwaZulu-Natal has read the riot act to its Councillors who will take up their posts in councils throughout the province.

The Party leaders, alongside the provincial chairman Sihle Zikalala, came out on Sunday to address hundreds of new and returning councillors, who packed Durban City Hall for the ANC cadres’ forum.

The ANC won 36 councils in KwaZulu-Natal, where it won 995 seats, or 57.4%, of the vote across the province while its rival party, Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) increased its share of the vote in the province to 18.39%, and the Democratic Alliance (DA) came third winning 185 seats.

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Meanwhile, ANC provincial chairman Sihle Zikalala characterized the recently conducted elections as one with lots of bruising and intensive campaigning  especially in KwaZulu-Natal but went on to encourage new and returning councillors to remain vigilant and hard-working in order to give optimum service to the people.

Zikalala also urged councillors to serve the communities that voted them into their positions, saying it was complacency that led to the party to lose support elsewhere in SA.

Confirming the need to properly address the councillors over what lies ahead, the ANC spokesman in KwaZulu-Natal, Mdumiseni Ntuli said councillors needs to be reminded about the task at hand and how they should conduct themselves.

“We needed to outline the ANC’s programme and expectations that each and every councillor of the ANC will have to comply with.

“We also informed the councillors that the ANC will continuously monitor their work to ensure that they are always performing their task.”

As the party continues in the coalition process, the Narend Singh, a member of the IFP national executive committee, said on Sunday afternoon that his party had not yet taken a final decision on how it would govern the municipalities the party regained in the elections.

“Remember there are still many other hung municipalities in the province that we as the party have an interest in governing with other parties. We are holding talks with these parties with a view to forming coalitions.

“Talks are at sensitive stages and we are confident that when the time comes we will be able to govern in the best interests of the people of KwaZulu-Natal,” Singh said.

Zuma Not to Blame

The ruling ANC have had a four-day-long brooding over its electoral decline and had decided to withdraw all blames on the president Zuma for being the brain behind its failure.

“There has been a negative narrative around a number of issues … there was no proposal that the president step down,”the party’s secretary-general, Gwade Mantashe said.

However, it is said that the party’s decision would have a far-reaching consequences for the ANC’s ability to win back lost voters, especially in Gauteng, and seals its fate in the attempt to form municipal coalition governments as several smaller parties have Zuma’s resignation as a precondition to an alliance.

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Mantashe went on to highlight a list of 14 measures the ANC would take to win back voter confidence. These include the speeding up of a decision on a national minimum wage, a 0% fee increase for university students and dealing with factionalism and the manipulation of candidate selection for the elections in the organisation.