Zuma Was Put By God To Lead Us, Him Alone Can Remove Him, Kwasa Music King Says


A Limpopo-based Kwasa music king Steven Sefofa said God not man, has put Zuma as SA president and only Him has the power to remove him.

The voices within the ANC wishing party leaders hear their plea for political change in the party, is assumed to be a sign of an immediate disappearance of the ruling party but not for its controversial leader, Jacob Zuma.

The calls for Zuma to resign as SA president has continuously grown, mounting much pressure on the executive council of the ruling party to see to his removal before the 2019 general elections

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The scuffles between protesters and Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) veterans at Luthuli House last week is seen by many as Zuma plans to is use groups in the ANC to fight off other factions, particularly those critical of him.

It has come down to those who are willing to say “Zuma must go” versus those who will defend his position at all costs. Everyone else, both in the party and in SA generally, is caught in between.

However, the Kwasa music king stressed that Zuma cannot be forced out of the presidential seat because God isn’t yet done with him as SA president.

The musician threw his weight behind President Jacob Zuma, believing that people still love Zuma enough to elect him for a third term.

“Zuma was put there by God to lead us,” he said. “People must just relax because Zuma will only leave when God wants him to leave. Those who want Zuma to go are wasting their time,” Steven Sefofa told the citizen

Sefofa described the president as a good man and a good leader who has done much for the country and had continued to move the country forward despite huge criticism against him.

“Even if he stands for a third term he would still be re-elected because people love him,” Malo said as he calls on members of the ANC to seize fighting each other, saying they were pleasing the enemy.

Speaking further on whether or not the ANC should embark on elective conference, the young musician said the conference can not end the crisis within the party, but would rather make thing worse.

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About the state’s opposition party, the DA, the kwasa music king condemned the DA leader Mmusi Maimane for leading people against the Zuma government.

Describing him as a lost feather floating in the sky, Malo said Mmusi Maimane is going to incur the wrath of the ancestors when he dies for leading what he called a party of the oppressors.