Eish! Kunene Tells ‘Confused’ Malema The Unbearable Again


South African controversial businessman Kenny Kunene believes EFF leader Julius Malema is simply a ‘confused revolutionary’, who envies whites (oppressor) for no good reason.

Known for often giving Malema hell since he [Kunene] prematurely left the fighters’ club, the businessman, on Thursday morning, launched another gut-wrenching blow on Malema.

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First, Kunene lambasted the EFF for enthroning the DA in former ANC traditional bases (which include Tshwane, Johannesburg, and Nelson Mandela Bay municipalities) during the 2016 municipal elections.

To him, the EFF should not have crowned the DA, if it had truly wanted to deal with the ‘oppressors’. So giving the DA their votes totally makes Malema and his cohorts a “sellout”, a confused revolutionary and “a special kind of stupid politician”.

“You want a land back from them. Never envy the oppressor. You do and even wear their hats. You must be a special kind of a confused revolutionary,” Kunene ranted on Twitter.

Validating his claims, Kunene ridiculed EFF’s chief fighter for envying and donning hats made by the oppressors, even after leading numerous wars against them.

This is Kunene’s first attack on his long-time rival (Malema) this year. In 2016, Juju was battered black and blue by the business tycoon. Their longstanding feud, however, escalated shortly after the municipal elections.

At the time, Kunene confessed that he left the EFF because of their flawless facades and lies that being put to South Africa by Malema.

“I founded the EFF… One of the reasons that I left the EFF is exactly what is happening now in the EFF: The lies, the facade that is being put to the people of SA and the world that this is a revolutionary movement and that their leader is revolutionary man whereas he is the biggest liar,” he claimed.

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But Malema, as well as many others saw Kunene’s comments as a dig at his failed political career. In response, Julius responded on Twitter, labelling the businessman as “irrelevant” and said he would not entertain him until Kenny was able to “get 20,000 national votes”.

Apparently, Malema has not for once regretted helping the DA. Last week, he urged the blue party to completely ruin the ANC during the next general election.

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